Conair Foot Spa:

Conair foot spa is an American company founded in 1959 that started modestly by selling hair care products and hair appliances. Since, it grew up as one of the leaders in grooming, beauty, electrical, and personal care products.

We will focus today on a heated foot bath that is a best seller on the market and that comes with bubbles, heat, and a waterfall. It’s always a good idea to treat yourself to a foot pamper session and we will see what this device from Conair foot spa has to offer.

Technical details:

  • Dimensions: 7.6 x 13.5 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Conair
  • Model number: FB52K
  • Heat/lights
  • Bubbles
  • Waterfall
  • Massage rollers
  • External pedicure devices: Pumice stone, Brush, and a Soft-touch massager


Basically, the unit presents itself as a classic foot bath, and here are its main properties:

1. Bubbles: for a gentle massage, you can select the option (one of the three buttons) to activate the bubbles and that goes also with the light. The bubbles will offer a subtle massage to your feet. You can select two-speed options for the bubbles, high or low, by clicking on the button (second out of three).

2. Light: the led looks nice and shines in a light blue color and this kind of softened light should help you to relax, but it has essentially a decoration purpose.

3. Heat: the heat comes automatically with the “Light & Heat & Bubbles” button and it keeps the water warm, but it’s not going to be a very hot temperature.

4. Waterfall: the last button is to activate the waterfall which will then release water in a gentle way on the front/mid part of your feet. It’s pleasant and is a great complement to the bubbles. It works as well alone, without the bubbles, for a more relaxing and less intense massage.

5. Massage rollers: as most of the foot spa units, the Conair foot spa bath has two massaging heads at the bottom to roll your feet back and forth to massage your soles. They can be removed if you have sensitive feet or if you simply do not want them.

6. Extra pedicure devices: if you wish to go the extra mile and also give yourself a pedicure, you can use one of these three detachable heads that you simply place in the middle of the unit (you remove the cover and place one of these heads instead).

  • Pumice stone: great to remove calluses from your heels if you have: soaking your feet will get the calluses to soften and then scrubbing your feet on the pumice stone will remove them. Remember not to scratch too hard and do not use it if you have very sensitive feet or suffer from neuropathy. Though, definitely the most useful extra head.
  • Brush: to brush your feet. To use if you suffered from shoes/socks color run or if you were walking in flip-flops outdoors. Basic function.
  • Soft-touch massager: to create mini-massaging movements and really aim at a specific zone of your feet. You might not appreciate this if you are very ticklish.


Those are not really cons as it does not really keep you from enjoying a relaxing heated foot bath session, they are simply pointing to take into consideration when deciding whether to opt for this unit from Conair foot spa or not.

  • Size: large feet (men 13+) will be accommodated but will find it difficult to move and use the massage rolling heads.
  • The unit can be loud.
  • The heat can’t be dissociated from the bubbles and it won’t keep the water warm for long sessions (20+minutes), however, we would not recommend extended heated foot bath sessions anyway.


Conair foot spa managed to ally price, quality, and satisfaction: for less than 80$ you can have a heated foot spa with bubbles and a waterfall that will accommodate most of the feet sizes and will provide a nice massage. Even if some points can be improved, this unit indeed passed the “value for money” test and will satisfy most of its owners.