Why indulge in a heated foot spa session? Before we speak about the practice, let’s discuss the theory and why you would use a Homedics FB-600 foot salon pro pedicure spa with heat.

Review of Homedics FB-600 Foot Salon Pro Pedicure Spa With Heat.

There are several reasons why people use and enjoy soaking their feet in hot water: it relieves pressure from a stressful day (feet are really an important point of the nervous system), it can improve your blood circulation and overall health, it can help to relax your feet and legs if you have a job when you stand all day long, it will get you warm during cold days and it also, more superficially, helps to make your feet look better and keep that glowy look.

So, is it worth to have a heated foot spa machine at home? Absolutely.

We will have a closer look at the model FB-600 from HoMedics, a heated foot spa that claims to be also a salon pro pedicure.

HoMedics is an American company founded in 1987 and has its current headquarters in Michigan. It specializes in massaging units for privates and keeps on developing relaxation and massages technologies. On top of massaging products for the back, neck, and feet it also commercializes a line of well being related home products like humidifiers, air purifiers, and essential oil diffusers.

The unit FB-600 Foot Salon Pro Footbath with Heat is a high-quality heated foot spa with bubbles and vibrations.


  • Size: 16.8 x 8.1 x 13.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • Heat: this unit comes with a heat boost action that will warm up the water up to 98°F gradually and the unit also maintains the heat up during the session. It’s indeed one of the best aspects of this unit as heat will really help you relax and spread a well-being sensation through your body.
  • Bubbles: the unit is pretty easy to use and straightforward. In the center, there are three buttons: vibration, heat, and bubble. Once you click on the bubble button, the function activates, and gentle yet firm bubbles start to wrap up your feet to deliver a superb massage that will help you get rid of the daily stress.
  • Vibrations: it’s a feature unique enough to be highlighted: most of the heated foot spa units on the market do not have a separate (and indeed different) vibration function, usually it’s just bubbles. The FB-600 Foot Salon Pro Footbath with Heat from HoMedics offers vibrations that distinguish themselves from bubbles as they act like waves; it’s a constant and homogeneous water wave/vibration reaching your feet.
  • Pressure nodes/rolling massage heads: this is a common feature among heated foot spas. There are two heads per side – one front and one back – and you need to roll your feet over them while enjoying your heated foot bath session. Those heads are made out of firm plastic and will represent the intense part of the massage, but if you are ticklish, have sensitive feet or simply do not like them, you can remove them easily.
  • Acupressure points: in order to maintain the foot spa-like environment within the unit, even if you remove the rolling massage heads, the bottom of the foot spa is covered with acupressure nodes. It’s also firm plastic but as they are not outstanding from the bottom and they are very small, they will help you to place your feet on a surface adequate for relaxation and massage.
  • Pedicure set: in the center of the unit, you will be able to place four different heads to help you achieve a homemade pedicure worth a salon visit. We all know how badly neglected feet can look, and this pedicure set is just really convenient to finish up the foot spa session with foot care. Those heads are:
    • Coarse pumice stone: to achieve perfectly smooth feet. Especially useful for the ones that suffer from calluses or have cracks on the heel.
    • Fine pumice stone: it will deliver the same action as the regular pumice stone but it is dedicated to more sensitive areas like the feet’ side and little toes. Often, because of shoe pressure, skin can become really rough on the little toes, and this fine pumice stone can help smooth them out thanks to its gentle rubbing action.
    • Brush: simple, direct action: to brush any residue off your feet.
    • Massaging setting: the last head comes with three incorporated balls that roll as you massage/ touch them. They are meant for a more overwhelming massage. As they are bigger than the nodes on the removable massaging heads and the ones on the floor, they will act more globally on your feet.
  • Storage compartment: very handy feature. At the front of the unit, there is a storage compartment made on purpose for the removable heads (only for three of them as one stays in the middle of the unit). It prevents you from having loose pedicure tools and losing them potentially.
  • Spout: at the front of the unit there’s a spout and this is really great to empty the unit easily after you used it.
Homedics FB-600 foot salon pro pedicure spa with heat


This heated foot spa from HoMedics really stands out among its competitors. It is a perfect value for money appliance that will fulfill its mission: make you achieve a nice and relaxing heated foot spa session. We particularly praise the heat function that brings up to water to 98°F degrees and maintains it. It is really appreciable to have a device able to gradually heat up water: as many of the other units need to be filled up with hot water already, you do not get to enjoy a constant gain of heat. It’s important not to hit your feet with too hot water straight away as it’s not pleasant to start your relaxation session with an uncomfortable sensation.

The vibration is also very notable as it is a good complement/alternative to the bubbles. These two functions combined get the salon experience more realistic as it gets you a feeling comparable to the one you could receive in a salon. The pedicure set is a nice add-on as it’s completely another aspect of the foot care, so you can enjoy a heated foot spa and the massage delivered and also if you want to do the extra mile, finish with scrubbing and polishing your feet.