Do you like to work out at your home by using comfortable equipment? If yes, you can strongly depend upon a high tech Horizon Elliptical treadmill for your desire. Yes, you can achieve a slim body structure by reducing the bodyweight considerably with a world-class treadmill, namely the Horizon 7.0 AE Elliptical machine. This is a fast-moving machine across the globe with exclusive features and specs expected and desired by health-conscious customers. The world-class features of the treadmill are enticing a lot of people towards it. Performing customers never miss the machine in their lifetime at all. The topnotch working features, merits, product use, and specs of the treadmill are the primary driving force for its world popularity. Let us see the features of the treadmill here.

This Horizon 7.0 AE elliptical machine has positive reviews everywhere, and especially on the internet. These reviews are triggering many customers to buy the machine without any doubt. All the essential features are available in a single device for a customer.

What are the features of the Horizon Elliptical machine?

The machine is strong and durable for the customers in the long run. You have beautiful features such as free app training app, which helps you cope with the app and fitness trackers. Also, the availability of Bluetooth speakers enhances your work out still better with the free apps. You are very flexible to do your exercise with the help of advanced technology features for smart fitness. Your body position is best formed by the Six-Star Frame technology of the treadmill. It is assured that your body tone is achieved in a better way. Hence, the extra calories earned are burnt in the right way by using this treadmill effectively.

Increases your performance

The user’s performance is improved to a greater extent with the machine’s rugged frame. This treadmill is very flexible for use by any customer. The ease of use technology of the treadmill, such as an exact handle spacing, helps you cope with your work correctly and precisely. Yet another attractive feature of the machine is the step-on height that is low to the customers. This makes customers feel comfortable and happy when he wants to work out. The next important feature of the treadmill is its natural footpath. Hence, your walking muscles and excellent form is achieved. You will never feel that you are walking in any other different path by this feature, and instead, the natural feel is obtained. These features give an outstanding performance for the customers whether he is a professional or an ordinary person.

The customers interested in buying can avail themselves of free shipping and financial help from the company.

Let us not forget the unique features of the treadmill for your knowledge. The treadmill’s Bluetooth technology makes you feel engaged with your training programs and other musical features. You can spend the time listening to your music and other entertainment features without any stop. A quality Bluetooth set up would make you feel very energetic and enthusiastic. Whatever your demand is like music, movies, or any classes you like are connected to you for your sweat up goals. So, make use of these added values to your life to achieve your fitness goals without any hassle. Moreover, the sound quality is exceptional and vibrant in all aspects.

Extra features of Horizon Elliptical

Another optional part available to you is a built-in holder device to keep your phone or the tablet you are using. You need not worry about your belongings such as your mobile and hence this holder gives you paramount help by delivering excellent value. The top of the line USB port that is a rapidly charging one gives you uninterrupted power when working out on the treadmill for many hours. So, you can feel free and comfortable by using these additional features during your fitness program.

The other exclusive technology for the focussed health customers is smart fitness technology. One of the treadmill’s fantastic features is a free Pro app that can connect the tablet and Bluetooth. This is not rocket science technology because you can use it from the machine’s touch screen. You do not need to pay any subscription charge. A customer who works out on this treadmill can get to know the real data from a single place. For this, you have to download an AFG app so that you can monitor the data easily.

Yet another powerful and top quality tool of the treadmill is the advanced power incline feature. This incline feature is aimed at your calves and hamstring performance and power in an ideal way. This incline feature adds value to the customers who are ready to work out with many expectations and desires. Hence, the worker’s glutes are targeted by the machine with a level of 20 level resistance. You need not sweat out for adjusting the resistance and incline of the treadmill. It is effortless and easy to adjust with the help of one button. The changes are speedy and comfortable for the user. The 5K and calorie and distance programs are available for the customers.

The company guarantees the customers who buy this Horizon Elliptical treadmill. In case the customer is not happy and not satisfied with the machine’s performance, then the machine is returned to the company within thirty days of purchase.

Pros of the Horizon Elliptical 7.0 AE

The flywheel of the machine makes your work smoother and faster. The treadmill’s warranty features are very vibrant because it guarantees the customers for an extended period. This is very well appreciated and lauded by many customers. Moreover, the Bluetooth compatibility part of the treadmill is very fantastic and the best. This is because you can enjoy your work out for a long time. Yet another topnotch feature of the machine is that the machine’s compatibility helps to sync with android. Moreover, the customers are given zero percent free financing possibilities for their purchases.

One of the significant merits of this treadmill is its capacity to accommodate the customers’ maximum weight. Even the customer is 325 lbs; the machine can adjust to it. The machine’s availability of a heart rate monitor is another fantastic feature and adds value to the buyer.

Let us see some of the cons of the treadmill.
The treadmill’s major cons are its screen size, which is very small when compared and hence you may find it difficult.

Machine Specs of 7.0 AE Elliptical

In this context, we shall see the machine specification of the 7.0 AE Elliptical treadmill.

The framework of the machine is a non-folding type with six-star certification. The flywheel of the treadmill has 23 measurements, whereas the Stride Length is about 23 inches. The treadmill’s other specification is its incline range is about 20 levels, 0-100%. The 7.0 AE Elliptical treadmill has a challenging resistance range of magnetic for 20 classes. This is an outstanding feature of the treadmill, and hence many customers are buying it without a second thought.

The 7.0 AE Elliptical treadmill has 10 3/4″ as the Step Height (inches). This feature is well appreciated by the customers and has given positive comments on the internet. Other than these specifications of the treadmill that you love, some other special features present in the treadmill that entice many customers to purchase. We shall call it as extras in the treadmill for the benefit of the customers. When you buy, the machine’s additions are a built-in speaker, bottle holder, fans, and tablet rack. The features are very flexible to the customers’ use, and hence the sale is increasing multifold. These extras are beneficial to the users of the treadmill for their daily life activities. The other significant advantage or machine’s spec is electrical equipment that works in the 120V – 60Hz range. This is the safest range for all levels of customers. You might wonder about the weight of the machine to satiate your expectations. The weight of the device is 194 lbs.

This Horizon Elliptical equipment has been providing many warranty features to the user. The warranty features for frame and brake are lifetime for the customers, respectively. However, the flywheel and other parts have one and three years, respectively. The warranty feature for the labor part is one year warranty. The machine dimension that a customer has to know is 76″ x 24″ x 65.5.”

When we look at the treadmill’s consoled specs, it is found that the machine has Bluetooth enabled, speakers, and a USB port. The display part of the device is about a 7″ LCD Screen. The other console specs like ViaFit Connectivity and Virtual Active Integrated are not available in the machine.