Schwinn 411 Elliptical Review Product Review

Schwinn 411 Elliptical is the most affordable elliptical trainer so far. Unlike most other ellipticals in this price range, it comes with an impressive collection of performance features and specs, such as 13 in-built workout programs, 16 resistance levels, and an 18-inch stride length. Its console is Bluetooth compatible and has chest straps compatibility for heart rate monitoring. Going a step further, it offers a decent warranty that we often don’t expect at the current price point.

Schwinn 411 Elliptical is about as good as it gets for only $500, making it an affordable machine that does not take much space. We will go over all the features and specs of this fitness machine with its pros and cons to let you decide if it is a suitable model for your home gym.

Schwinn elliptical is so famous for bikes, and we may forget that it has a whole lineup of other cardio machines. Like their high-quality bikes, their rowers, ellipticals, and treadmills are also pretty solid, and Schwinn 411 Elliptical is no exception. Like almost all Schwinn home fitness equipment, their ellipticals also fall in the budget range. Schwinn 411 Elliptical is the most affordable option costing about $500. More expensive options from Schwinn offer more incline functions, advanced consoles, and more extensive stride lengths.

Schwinn 411 Elliptical packs many features, and one of the most respected companies in the fitness industry is behind it all. Schwinn has more than four decades of experience in building high-quality cardio machines. Besides company reputation, there are many features to talk about to convince you why it is better than anything else. Schwinn was the first company to realize that people needed compact cardio machines, easy to move and store. But a compact design may mean an uncomfortable short stride length.

Schwinn 411 Elliptical boasts of an 18-inch stride length despite being compact, almost unheard of, and unusual. It is one of the most extended stride lengths in this price bracket. It implies that even tall users can get a high-quality elliptical that does not cost above $1000 for a comfortable stride length.

Schwinn 411 Elliptical is an impressive machine on the price front. Nothing in the $500 price bracket will come close to this fitness machine for build quality and features. It is a compact solid elliptical offering everything you need for low-impact workouts at the comfort of home. Overall, it is a functional, compact, and somewhat affordable elliptical trainer.

Salient Features of Schwinn 411 Elliptical

Stride Length

The most crucial spec while evaluating any elliptical is the stride length. Stride length is the distance from the toe of the front pedal to the heel of the rear pedal when they are at their widest. It tells you right away whether the machine will be comfortable to use and how naturally you will be able to stride. If the stride length is too long, you will feel that you are stretching out too much with every step; too short, and you will feel you are jogging in one place. The problem with ellipticals in this price range is that they are famous for too tiny stride lengths. For instance, most $500 ellipticals have a stride length of 12 to 15 inches which is too small to be comfortable.

It implies that cheaper ellipticals are priced low for a good reason – smaller stride length, but 12 inches is too weak. Compare that with Schwinn 411 Elliptical with a stride length of 18 inches. Most higher-end ellipticals offer a 20-inch stride. This model provides a significantly longer stride than most competing models in this price range. It is a huge selling point for this elliptical to offer a much longer stride than most competing ellipticals.

Weight Capacity and Durable Build

Schwinn 411 Elliptical also offers a user weight capacity of 300 pounds which is pretty impressive at the current price point. You will often find weight limits of 250 to 275 pounds in competing models. A higher weight capacity indicates better overall construction quality; it also lets the elliptical hold heavier users.

Schwinn 411 Elliptical weighs overall approx 119 pounds in a fully assembled condition with a compact footprint. It is very lightweight for an elliptical trainer, but it is not bad if you compare it to the average weight of 70 to 80 pounds of other machines. A higher assembled weight indicates a more stable base, especially relevant during workouts, preventing unwanted movements or wobbling. It adds stability and implies that the quality of the material used is high.

Moreover, adjustable feet stabilizers are perfect for uneven floors. You will find four red levelers at the base of Schwinn 411 Elliptical, compensating for any unevenness in the flooring. Finally, you have got integrated transport wheels in the front. It is effortless to move around your space, especially if you have a space crunch.

16 Resistance Levels

Besides tiny stride lengths, cheap machines often have pretty wimpy resistance levels. Just like exercise bikes, home ellipticals mostly use a weighted flywheel system. A heavier flywheel creates more momentum for a smoother workout, proving more overall resistance. Schwinn 411 Elliptical uses a 13-pound flywheel that is pretty light, almost the same as other models in this price range. It pairs with magnetic resistance to offer 16 different resistance levels, a decent number at the current price.

Magnetic resistance is becoming famous for home cardio machines. 

Even commercial gyms are replacing their old air resistance ellipticals, primarily due to the noise factor. Magnetic resistance is whisper-quiet, and it is good to have several resistance levels to provide you better control in finetuning the intensity of your workout routines. You can quickly dial the challenge up or down with so many resistance levels.

Some of you may argue that 16 levels are not enough. But mind you, it is not a top-end elliptical. Although higher resistance may not be enough for an experienced athlete, it is more than sufficient for beginner or intermediate users for intense calorie-burning workouts.

13 Preset Workout Programs

Schwinn 411 Elliptical offers a generous dose of preset workout programs to choose from, including heart rate guided programs, country walk, HIIT, hill climbs, a manual or quick start mode, interval training profiles, and other cardio challenges. We can categorize them in 4 ways as follows:

1.   Heart Rate Control: HR-controlled programs automatically adjust the resistance level based on your heart rate readings. You can set a targeted heart rate zone, and the elliptical will ensure that you stay in that range during the cardio. The machine automatically tweaks resistance to help you with that.

2.   Manual Program: It is a quick start program where you hop onto the machine without entering any info, and it starts working. You can also change the resistance as per your preference.

3.   Interval Training: HIIT or high-intensity interval training programs alternate between 30 seconds sprints with 90 seconds of rest.

4.   Challenge Programmes: There are ten different challenge workout programs with varying resistance levels. They simulate changes in terrain found outdoors. Some of these programs increase resistance gradually from start to finish, whereas other programs may introduce drastic changes many times during the workouts. Examples of challenge programs include hill climbs, country walks, etc.

5.5 Inch LCD Console

The 5.5-inch screen may appear far from fancy, but it is enough to track all your fitness metrics while riding the elliptical. The streamlined console displays heart rate, calories burnt, distance, speed, as well as time. It is a more advanced version with Bluetooth and wireless heart rate capability so far reserved for higher-end ellipticals. The console also has quick controls for choosing resistance levels, and you can quickly select them from a large backlit LCD.

HR Monitoring

You will find grip heart rate monitors in the stationary handles of Schwinn 411 Elliptical. Moreover, the elliptical is compatible with chest straps for accurate heart rate readings. Since it is not part of the package, you have to buy it separately. Grip heart rate monitors provide subpar accuracy, so you may consider using chest straps. If you have nothing better to measure your pulse, these grip sensors should work fine for you.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Your fitness machine can make your workouts more entertaining with Bluetooth connectivity. You can explore different scenic routes globally by syncing the device with the mixed reality app Explore The World. You can race through 27 courses and 19 locations with online friends while tracking your distance and pace. Also, if you want to get rid of the boredom of long workout sessions, you may consider using the Run Social app.


Schwinn has included both the moving and fixed set of handlebars at this price point. Fixed handlebars provide much-needed stability for beginners who may not have the habit of such elliptical movements. Fixed handlebars are also suitable for users who like to work on the lower body. Once you get used to it, you can move on to moving handlebars for a full-body workout.

Whenever you want to have a full-body workout, grab moving handlebars to engage your arms and torso. Towards the end of your training, you may get additional support by switching to stationary handlebars.

Water Bottle Holder

The water bottle holder is a classic feature built into the console. It offers ready access to drinking water, and this feature can never go out of style.

Media Rack

Schwinn 411 Elliptical has a small media rack on its console. You can put your book, tablet, or smartphone on this shelf while doing workouts. Please note that it may partially block your view of the console.


It is straightforward to assemble Schwinn 411 Elliptical by just attaching different components like console, handlebars, pedals, legs, and a few covers to the mainframe. Most of the heavy stuff is already there for you in pre-assembled condition. Schwinn has done a great job with its assembly manual. You will love the way it provides easy-to-read and large images breaking the process into many steps. The instructions contained in the manual make it much easier to follow along and see what you need to do in each step.

The package contains all the required tools and hardware to assemble. Moreover, the instructions are pretty easy to follow. You can complete the machine yourself in an hour or so.


Schwinn offers a lovely warranty of ten years on frame, two years on parts, one year on electronics, and 90 days on labor. It beats the coverage given by many other machines in this price range.

  • The stride length of 18 inches is quite impressive against 11-16 inches offered by other models; wide enough for a compact elliptical.
  • You get 13 preset workout programs with enough variety.
  • Schwinn 411 Elliptical offers 16 smooth whisper quiet magnetic resistance levels challenging enough for beginner and intermediate users.
  • It is compatible with a chest strap HR monitor and has pulse sensors for HR monitoring.
  • Its high-quality build offers solid stability and durability with a user weight capacity of 300 pounds.
  • You can use the Bluetooth connectivity option to sync with trainer apps like Explore the World and Run Social.
  • You get both moving and fixed handlebars.
  • Integrated transport wheels ensure quick movement and storage.
  • The assembly is straightforward with clear-cut instructions.
  • You get an excellent warranty on the frame and parts.
  • The flywheel is light.
  • There are no incline options

Machine Specs of Schwinn 411 Elliptical

Dimensions (Inches): 53.8 x 24 x 62.5 (L x W x H); Item Weight: 119 pounds; Resistance levels: 16, Resistance Type: Magnetic; Preset Workout Programs: 13; User Weight Capacity: 300 pounds; Frame: Heavy Duty Steel Tube Frame; Warranty: 10 years on frame, two years on parts, one year on electronics, and 90 days on labor.

Final Words

Schwinn 411 Elliptical is one of the best fitness machines in this price range. The 18-inch stride length is enormous for an affordable elliptical, setting it apart from every other elliptical in this category. Although console features and the resistance system are more or less standard, compatibility with chest straps and a decent warranty make it stand out from others. Overall, it is a smart buy on a tight budget.