1. Airdyne AD6 Review


The Schwinn Airdyne AD6 supports body toning, weight management, cardio fitness, and strength training to qualify as a complete body training device with thousands of proud owners. Contrary to what you usually find in standard exercise bikes, Airdyne AD6 comes with moving handlebars. As a result, it offers two ways of exercising with attached leg rests: move your legs and arms simultaneously or only move the handlebars.

Airdyne AD6 provides unlimited resistance options by harnessing the fan air to create resistance that alters naturally with your workout efforts. So naturally, it means that Airdyne increases the challenge exponentially when you pedal harder. However, other types of exercise bikes feature predefined resistance levels, typically ranging to 20 tension levels in every cycle. But Airdyne can reach any challenge level due to air resistance compared to other exercise bikes with preset stations. That is why such bikes are popular to meet any tension level by responding directly to your effort.

Airdyne AD6 has an LCD monitor to simultaneously show all the fitness metrics fields, including calories, wattage, RPM, speed, distance, and exercise time, on its easy-to-read screen. Moreover, this machine can also measure and display your pulse on the LCD using a Polar or Polar-compatible chest strap that you need to buy separately.

If you compare a lineup of similar bikes offered by Schwinn, you will find that AD6 (Priced at $599) is a better fit for user’s needs. The AD2 device is cheaper without wireless telemetry, featuring a dull look. AD7 is a bid flexible and heavier with more adjustment features. All in all, Airdyne AD6 has all that an average cyclist needs.

Schwinn Airdyne AD6 can help you get into better shape with intense full-body cardio workouts. With its signature air-resistance technology, you can control the intensity of your exercise. The more you put in, the better you get out of it. In addition, it has several features to add comfort to your workouts while reviewing your training statistics and biometric feedback on display. 

It also includes a frictionless fan that makes no noise at all without disturbing people around you. Moreover, the single-stage belt also ensures that your bike works quietly.

Salient Features of Schwinn Airdyne

Full-Body Workouts

First of all, Airdyne AD6 features moving handlebars that make it a typical good-looking exercise bike for a home gym. It provides you the option of exercising your entire body using the moving handlebars while pedaling. Alternatively, you may use only the handlebars while giving rest to your legs. The flexibility to choose from full-body workouts to skipping your legs is a game-changer in this machine.

Data Monitors

Although Airdyne AD6 has no preset training programs, this bike has data monitors to display your fitness data in a more advanced way, significantly better than its predecessor, AD2. The earlier model was used to scan the essential fitness readouts, but Airdyne AD6 shows the entire fitness data parameter fields at once. Thus, you get readouts like heart rate, calories burnt, watts, speed, distance and exercise time spent, etc., simultaneously on the LCD data monitor.

Furthermore, there is a RevMeter RPM Gauge showing on the top of your screen, which is particularly useful for interval training. Finally, you can choose to display the fitness statistics in either Metric or English settings. It is also compatible with Polar chest straps to monitor your heart rate wirelessly.

Infinite Levels Of Resistance

Schwinn Airdyne AD6 features progressive air resistance technology to challenge you with infinite levels of resistance. When you start spinning its uncovered fan wheel, It gathers wind resistance to offer you a breezy ride. If you want, you can pair your bike with a fan wheel cover.

Functional Design

Your Airdyne AD6 bike comes with a padded seat in an extra-large size. You can adjust the seat vertically to suit a wide range of user heights. The handlebars also feature some padded grips for comfort. When you pedal to rest your feet, the handlebars also move. Moreover, the bike frame has in-built footrests. 

The pedals have textured surfaces with foot straps for added safety to help keep your feet in place to offer full-body training. There is also a standard water bottle holder attached to the bike frame to quench your thirst.

Airdyne AD6 bike has a compact design free of cords. With a footprint of only 50 x 26 inches and attached transport wheels, space is not an issue. You can move it around quickly to reclaim space. A small footprint ensures that it is perfect for a home gym, even if you have a space crunch. Finally, you can power the bike console with just two AA batteries.

Warranty & Guarantee

Airdyne AD6 comes with an impressive warranty. You get a six-month contract for labor, two years on parts and electronics, and ten years on its frame. Furthermore, the manufacturer also offers a money-back guarantee for 60 days. If you are not satisfied, you get a full refund except for shipping and restocking costs. A competitive warranty means that you get an affordable total body training bike that is worth the money.

All in all, Airdyne AD6 is a perfect bike for users in the average height range because it provides you good ergonomics at an affordable price for regular use. In addition, you can also buy accessories like a reading rack and windscreen separately.

  • Airdyne AD6 has a single-stage belt drive system that works quietly. Moreover, the frictionless fan also runs quietly to keep you cool.
  • It has a user-friendly LCD console with telemetric heart rate-enabled sensors that display the basic fitness metrics data on the data monitor, including pulse, to track your fitness goals.
  • If you are keen on isolating upper body workouts, you can keep your feet stationary by resting them on the footrest pegs. You get the flexibility to shift from the upper body to full body workouts at any time.
  • You get enough safety with self-balancing foot pedals that come with foot straps for smooth pedaling with fan air. Even a built-in bottle holder is there to quench your thirst during challenging moments.
  • You get unlimited resistance levels with progressive wind-resistance technology.
  • Convenient transport wheels with a small footprint ensure the space-saving features of the bike.
  • Airdyne AD6 bike has a cord-free compact frame with moving handlebars for a low-impact workout targeting all muscle groups of your body.
  • RevMeter RPM gauge is useful for interval training.
  • It has oversized padded seats, footrests, padded grips in handlebars, and textured pedals with straps.
  • Airdyne AD6 has no user profiles or preset training programs.
  • Compared to AD7, this bike is slightly less ergonomic because you can adjust the seat only vertically.

Machine Specs of Schwinn Airdyne

Dimension (inches): 49.7 x 25.7 x 50.9; Maximum User Weight Capacity: 300 pounds; Bike Type: Upright Indoor Cycle; Resistance Type: Air Resistance (Fan Based); Resistance/ Tension Levels: Infinite; Frame: Steel; Seat Cushion: Extra Padded and Oversized; Seat Adjustability: Vertical; Preset programs: Nil; Pedals: Standard; Foot Straps; Pulse monitoring: Wireless (Chest Strap not included); Heart Rate Sensor: Telemetry Enabled; Display Screen Type: LCD; Portable; Water Bottle Holder; High-Resolution LCD Display; Transport Wheels; Power Source: AC Adaptor; Machine assembled weight: 115 pounds; Handlebars: Adjustable;

Warranty: Frame (10 Yrs); Parts/ Electronics (2 Yrs); Labor (6 months)

2. Airdyne Pro AD7 Review

Airdyne Pro AD7

Airdyne AD7 allows you to reach your maximum potential from the comfort of your home by combining its unmatched performance and durability with the latest wind-resistance technology. It offers challenging and versatile workouts for excellent full-body training. It is the best Airdyne exercise bike to take your HIIT workouts to a higher level.

It comes with a home-use option similar to AD Pro (primarily seen in light commercial gyms) with only a difference in their warranties. However, it has superior durability, workout programs, and ergonomics than other home use models: AD2 and AD6. You get nine preset workout programs, wireless telemetry for pulse monitoring, moving handlebars, a 27-inch fan wheel, and a powder-coated frame. You can get the idea of its superiority from the fact that it can hold users up to 350 pounds in users up to 6-inch heights.

Airdyne AD7 is a crowd puller as a perfect, most advanced top-rated air bike for home use. The best part is getting a light commercial quality exercise bike at an affordable price of only $899. It can train almost anyone because of its heavy-use capacity, adaptability for all workouts, and strength intensities. In addition, it can stay new for longer due to its powder-coated frame.

Airdyne AD7 features an oversized fan wheel to provide smoother air resistance. In addition, it is the only Airdyne machine that offers moving handlebars with multiple grips so that you optimize your upper body workouts. Similarly, besides manual mode, it also provides nine preset workout programs.

In a nutshell, Airdyne AD7 is a high-quality wind resistance bike for home gyms.

Salient Features of Schwinn Airdyne Pro AD7

Workout Programs

Schwinn Airdyne AD7 exercise bike is an exclusive bike from Schwinn Bikes’ house that offers workout programs besides its manual mode. You can select any of the nine options from the LCD monitor to track your fitness goals related to calories, time, and distance parameters. In addition, it includes program options like heart rate zone tracking, interval training, and bike ride targets on the above three parameters. Please note that your bike’s preset programs cannot control its speed or resistance. 

Nevertheless, you can get feedback on these parameters to guide your workouts. For instance, the 25-10 interval drives you to sprint for 25 seconds and rest for 10 seconds and repeat the preset number of cycles of 25-10.

Similarly, the heart rate zone can monitor your pulse to guide your workout intensity. You can use this mode in isolation or in combination with other parameters. It displays data fields depending upon your choice of workout programs. However, generally, you will get the standard cardio feedback on heart rate, calories burnt, distance traveled, and time.

Robust Frame

Airdyne AD7 has a powder-coated steel frame that is the strongest amongst all the residential Schwinn models of wind bikes. As a result, it can support a high user weight of up to 350 pounds even though it has a small footprint. In addition, the powder coating ensures that your exercise bike retains its fresh looks for years together.

Functional Design

Airdyne AD7 has built-in flexibility in its moving handlebars that allows you to choose from the upper body or full-body workout by using or resting your legs. You may rest your feet on two inbuilt pegs on the frame while using the handlebars. It also offers a strong dose of adjustment by allowing you to change the user height by moving the saddle four ways: up and down or backward and forward adjustments as per the user’s height.

Moving handlebars make your Airdyne bike look and work like elliptical trainer machines. In addition, it features the most advanced handlebars in the residential lineup of air bikes manufactured by Schwinn. In this manner, the Airdyne bike supports several gripping positions allowing you to add thoughtful variety to your workout routines and avoid unnecessary fatigue in the process.

Wind bikes like Airdyne AD7 provide every user a breezy ride by default, and almost everyone prefers to feel the cool air while slogging the pedals to shape their bodies. Still, if you are one of those who doesn’t like its breeze all the time or need the flexibility to stop the draft, you can pair up your bike with a fan air diverter to channelize the air in other directions.

What’s More

That is not all. Schwinn Airdyne AD7 is the same as Schwinn Airdyne Pro except that they have different warranty periods. While AD7 design for home use, AD7 Pro is primarily designed for light commercial settings like public gyms and health & fitness centers.

Airdyne AD7 has in-built security with the textured surface of its pedals, and they also sport robust foot straps to ensure your safety while performing intense exercises. Of course, you need to measure your heart rate accurately and monitor the same for reaping the maximum benefits from cycling rides. This machine is fully compatible with Polar chest straps for accurate pulse capturing and monitoring. But you need to purchase the Polar chest strap separately. Lastly, to quench your thirst while pushing out aggressively, it features a large bottle holder attached to the bike frame for easy access while doing your routine workouts.

Affordable Club Quality Trainer

It is hard to find a club-quality exercise bike like AirDyne AD7 for under one thousand dollars. It is an AirDyne pro meant for public gyms rechristened as Airdyne AD7 for home users. Most other bikes at this price point can not deliver the same quality of workouts. It is a top-rated air bike with a durable design that more comfortable.

  • The Airdyne bike has a large fan wheel with infinite challenges, low maintenance, and a single-stage direct drive system for effective power transfer.
  • You can make multiple position hand grips to practice a variety of workouts.
  • It has a compact design with a strong steel frame that is powder-coated to look fresh for years and resists corrosion with ten years warranty on the shelf.
  • It allows saddle adjustment in four directions vertically and horizontally: up and down and fore-aft.
  • It offers flexibility to choose only upper body training by skipping pedaling by using footrests by using moving armbars.
  • It has an optimized fan for quiet working and high resistance. In addition, you can use a diverter to change the direction of the rush of air.
  • It has nine preset programmed workouts with a multi-display LCD console, including heart rate monitoring using the telemetric technique.
  • It has got transport wheels and a low footprint to save space for you.
  • It has got good safety features to hold your feet while performing intensive workouts. You get a textured pedal surface with foot straps.
  • It seems that the workout monitor of Airdyne AD7 is a bit low-tech.
  • It has a small seat which may be uncomfortable for some riders.
  • The labor warranty of only six months is too low.

Machine Specs of Schwinn Airdyne AD7

Dimensions: 53 x 26.5 x 53 inches; Maximum User Weight Capacity: 350 pounds; Drive System: Belt Drive; Bike Type: Upright Indoor Cycle; Resistance Type: Air Resistance (Fan Based); Resistance/ Tension Levels: Infinite; Frame: Powder-Coated Steel; Seat Cushion: Extra Padded and Oversized; Seat Adjustability: Vertical + Horizontal (Four Way); Pedals: Standard; Foot Straps; Pulse monitoring: Wireless (Chest Strap not included); Heart Rate Sensor: Telemetry Enabled; Display Screen Type: LCD; Portable; Water Bottle Holder; High-Resolution LCD Display; Transport Wheels; Power Source: AC Adapter Ready, 2 D batteries; 

Machine assembled weight: 113 pounds; Handlebars: Adjustable; Preset Programs: Nine;

Warranty: Frame (10 Yrs); Parts/ Electronics (2 Yrs); Labor (6 months)