Sole E35 Elliptical Review

Product Review

Sole E35 Elliptical has an excellent design to make your workouts as comfortable as possible. You can focus your effort on toning up and breaking a sweat because features like easy controls and high adjustability make you effortlessly operate this exceptionally well-designed machine. It offers hands-free convenience with a chest strap and handheld heart rate monitoring.

You can set resistance and incline levels with the push of a button strategically placed on its handlebars. Unlike competing elliptical machines, Sole E35 elliptical has incline degree options and the stride length far beyond other models. You can engage fully adjustable footrests in the Sole E35 elliptical, set up the incline to a challenging 30-degree level, and adjust the stride from 20 to 22 inches. This club grade home-gym equipment has features to match the best competing models because it feels like the best elliptical we often see in clubs or hotel gyms.

The Sole E35 Elliptical is indeed an excellent deal at an affordable price. Once you get it for your home, you are going to fall in love with this machine. It is stable, quiet, and smooth on your joints. We highly recommend the Sole E35 elliptical for its top-notch features.

One of the leading consumer review sites declared Sole E35 elliptical the winner in the “Best Buy” category soon after its launch in 2014. It is a crowd-pleaser machine that offers high-quality commercial-grade equipment to the hotel sector and is now also available to users for their home gyms. It provides you with comfortable club-quality workouts by packing several convenient features in one machine with a solid build.

The Sole E35 elliptical trainer is a reliable machine under the $1500 price point. Its key specs include 20 incline settings, 20-22 inch stride, 25-pound flywheel, and 30-degree incline. But why is it amongst the top sellers of leading online retailers? It is solely because this machine has the durability and excellent build to outperform other competing models at this price point. Moreover, it has a solid reputation for outstanding customer service with a reasonably good warranty. After the company added Bluetooth and other enhanced features, the elliptical became a hit with home gym users. Don’t be puzzled with a high MSRP of $2799; you can get a fair deal at about $1400 to $1500.

It may be the “Best Buy” option on the market, but is it the best machine for you? Please note that it has an innovative design to fit typical users with varied skills and body sizes. For instance, it has a 25-pound drive with a wide range of resistance coupled with an elliptical path length of 20 inches. You will get similar specs in other club-quality trainers and light commercial ellipticals like Sole E98. It is a smartly engineered and moderately priced elliptical cardio trainer that you can use at your home for many years. It is another winning machine from the house of SOLE Fitness, giving just the right kind of challenges for typical users. Don’t worry; it won’t outgrow soon because of the peace of mind it brings with its best-in-class warranty.

Sole E35 elliptical will serve you for many years to come because of several in-built creative comforts, fantastic customer support, and a more extended warranty than most competing models. You can reach new heights of Health and Fitness with this machine with a design that works for many years with trouble-free operation.

Let us dig deeper to learn more about its salient features:

Salient Features of Sole E35 Elliptical

Not Hard To Assemble

Sole E35 elliptical has an item weight of 215 pounds, so you should expect the parcel in a higher weight, securely packaged and boxed. We recommend transporting the box to the room where you want to install it; otherwise, you may need extra help later on, considering too much weight of the boxed product. You will need a few hours to assemble this machine yourself. Several users have put it together without any difficulties because it is not hard to build your high-tech, sturdy elliptical with several components.

You will get all the necessary tools within the box. However, you may also opt to ask for professional assembly services at an extra price. The assembly process is straightforward, but it does take time to put the pieces together. After you assemble by following the instructions or watching the videos, you can immediately start working out. It is a matter of bringing the components together and tightening the screws here and there. It’s not rocket science! Nevertheless, if you ever feel you may not do it, don’t hesitate to opt for paid assembly services of professionals.

Brand Equity of SOLE Fitness

For the last five years or so, Sole Fitness is the fastest growing fitness brand in Canada and the US. It has slowly evolved from a hotel-only focus to include residential customers and providing the best quality exercise equipment for several years. The manufacturer is famous for offering solid performance fitness machines under rigorous use. Its product range includes rowers, ellipticals, treadmills, recumbent bikes, and upright bikes. With a promise of excellent brand equity of SOLE, you get a high-quality product right at your home.

Commercial Quality Build

The Sole E35 elliptical is a commercial quality machine with durable components and excellent construction. Sole Fitness has forayed into the home fitness sector after successfully meeting the needs of the hotel sector. In the hotel industry, such exercise equipment brings primary business for the manufacturer where users work out on fitness equipment non-stop. The reason for its remarkable success in the hotel sector is due to its durable build and excellent construction quality with reliable components. Now you are getting the same high quality at your home. You can work out as hard as you wish, and the Sole E35 elliptical won’t budge from its sturdy base. The mere fact that it comes with a user weight capacity of 375 pounds says a lot about the durable build of fitness equipment. The manufacturer offers a solid warranty on the Sole E35 elliptical, which speaks even louder than that.

Huge Incline Levels

The Sole E35 elliptical comes with a powered incline implying that you don’t need to pause between your workouts to increase or decrease the resistance or work on different muscle groups. It is a great option to change the incline levels on the go without any interruptions. Moreover, you can find the controls for the incline on its handlebars. It means that you will never have to take your hand off those handlebars to adjust the resistance or target different muscles. The best part about those incline levels is that they can rise to as high as 30 degrees. That is way more than the usual 20 degrees you find in most other elliptical machines. That is an unmatched feature to bring you a sense of exclusivity.

Power incline is a top performance feature of Sole E35 elliptical. You can choose from different settings to target and tone your muscle muscles which may not be possible on other trainers that typically offer only one flat elliptical path.

Adjustable Stride

You can adjust stride on your Sole E35 elliptical from 20 to 22 inches. It implies that any user can comfortably work out on this machine to get the actual benefits of complete elliptical movement cycles. It has fully adjustable footrests with a slight inward slope of two degrees leading to reduced stress on your knees and ankles. It is especially beneficial for users with specific rehabilitation needs. You can also engage several different muscle groups by pedaling the elliptical backward.

Variable Resistance Levels

Your Sole E35 elliptical offers 16 settings of variable resistance levels. It provides resistance via controls strategically placed in the handlebars. All that is made possible with its automated ECB (Eddy Current Brake) resistance mechanism.

10 Workout Programs

The Sole E35 elliptical comes pre-loaded with ten different workout programs. Even though several competing models have more programs than that, ten workout programs are enough if you are like most people. It guides you with ten in-built workout programs. First of all, it has five classic options: Strength, Interval, Hill, Fat Burn, and Cardio. Subsequent two workout programs work as per heart rate measurements by adjusting machine resistance to help you remain within the targeted HR (heart rate) zone. The remaining three options consist of two user-defined programs and one for manual mode.

7.5 Inch LCD Console

The console of Sole E35 elliptical has an in-built 7.5 inch LCD to show workout programming. The console has an adjustable angle to ensure a clear view of the live fitness data.

Sole Fitness App and others

The elliptical can also deliver the workout programming on your smartphone or tablet through its free proprietary Sole Fitness app. If you select this option and set up a workout program, the Sole app will run in the background controlling the resistance and incline of your elliptical machine and track your fitness metrics. It also means that you will be able to enjoy other apps on your smart devices while recording and controlling all that matters. You can also send your workout data to other popular fitness apps like Apple Health, Map My Run, and Fit Bit.

Comfortable Ergonomic Pedals

Most users worry about comfort during their workout sessions. You can now experience dynamic training by moving in reverse motion also. When talking about the comfort factor, the Sole E35 elliptical has got you covered. It has adjustable and cushioned pedals with three-position articulating footrests to help you stay longer in your training sessions. Moreover, the pedals are oversized to reposition your feet, thereby reducing unnecessary fatigue. Finally, this model offers a 2-degree inward slope to reduce undue knee and ankle stress, unlike other elliptical machines. That is what we call ergonomic features to give priority to your comfort!

Pulse Monitoring

Your machine delivers HR monitoring with a wireless chest strap. You have got pulse sensors on stationary handlebars to monitor and measure heart rate effortlessly and accurately.

Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

You get best in class warranty on the Sole E35 elliptical. But let us talk about its confident 30 days money-back guarantee. The company sells this model with no questions asked refund to unsatisfied customers. Based on customer review, we hardly find any such case because most users do not experience any dissatisfaction after using the machine for so many days. Also, unlike several competitors, Sole Fitness gives in-home service for all its repairs.

  • It offers an industry-leading warranty with fantastic customer support and a brand reputation.
  • The pedals are cushioned and adjustable for added comfort. Ergonomic pedals have a 2-degree inward slope to reduce strain on your knees and ankles.
  • The powered incline allows you to quickly choose from 20 different levels, up to 30 degrees.
  • Smooth 25-pound heavy aluminum flywheel offers noise-free quiet operation all the time, thanks to frictionless resistance or a whisper drive.
  • You can choose from 16 resistance levels via the ECB system. You can adjust them from the handlebars.
  • It can handle a user weight of 375 pounds.
  • It has in-built speakers with plug-in options for MP3 or iPod players.
  • LCD of 7.5 is backlit and tiltable for easy viewing.
  • It can monitor heart rate wirelessly with included chest strap and pulse grips.
  • It has a stride length of 20 to 22 inches to accommodate users of all shapes and sizes.
  • It comes with ten pre-loaded workout programs, but there is no provision to download new exercise programs.
  • You cannot adjust the stride length.

Machine Specs of Sole E35 Elliptical

Dimensions (Inches): 58 x 32 x 83 (H x W x L); Item Weight: 215 pounds; User Weight Capacity: 375 pounds; Resistance Levels: 20 levels; Resistance Type: ECB (Eddy Current Braking); Stride Length: 20 inches; Powered Incline: 20 (30 degrees Max); 25 pounds Flywheel; Pre-Loaded Programs: 10; Pedals: Adjustable and Cushioned; Pulse Grip and Chest Strap for HR monitoring; Display: 7.5 inch LCD; Accessory Tray; Cooling Fan; Speakers; Quick Controls; Workout Data: Pace, Pulse, Calories, Distance, Time, Incline, and Speed

Warranty: Frame (Lifetime), Parts & Electronics (5 Yrs), Labor (2 Yrs) with free in-home repairs.