Sole E95 Elliptical Comprehensive Buying Guide

Sole E95 elliptical has been a preferred choice as a front-drive trainer for users for several years. The upgraded model is even better than before, with modifications such as the ability to dock and sync your smart device for onboard entertainment and use with the Sole Fitness app. Its key features include:

  • Twenty electronically controlled incline settings.
  • A 20-22 inch stride with electronic control.
  • A 30-pound drive for a very smooth motion.

Thanks to many angles and stride length combinations, Sole E95 is a perfect machine for cardio training, lower body muscle toning, and weight management. Moreover, the feature of moving handlebars makes it a low-impact fitness machine for your entire body.

Sole Elliptical has the best data screen in the entire Sole collection because its 10.1-inch screen is blue backlit for easy reading and has advanced graphics. Its console can securely hold a smartphone or a tablet PC to work as an entertainment screen or workout monitor. You can run the Sole Fitness app on any mobile device to export workout statistics to other fitness apps, enjoy entertainment apps like Netflix, or set up and run elliptical workout programs on it. Moreover, it offers a USB charging port, Bluetooth audio speakers, and a cooling fan.

You may be wondering for whom a Sole E95 elliptical is a perfect machine. It is ideal for trainees of all strength levels because of its diverse resistance levels. It is best for adults having average to tall heights because of its stride selection of 20 to 22 inches. Finally, users with a short gait might prefer it with its 18 to 24-inch range. All in all, it offers club-quality workouts at home gym price, fits most heights, and meets all skill levels.

This front-drive elliptical trainer delivers excellent value to justify its premium pricing, providing one of the smoothest rides in the industry. The 30-pound flywheel with a 20:20 combination of incline and resistance levels is perfect for your targeted muscle toning. There are stationary handlebars for heart rate sensors and moving handlebars for full-body training.

The updated Sole E95 elliptical offers ten preset programs, a 10.1-inch console screen, and Bluetooth connectivity for sharing data with third-party fitness apps like My Fitness Pal and Apple Health. You can add an alternative program monitor by using your smartphone or tablet PC with a Bluetooth connection. Moreover, a few extra features improve motivation and comfort, like a typical health club elliptical. They include a USB charging port, Bluetooth audio speakers, an integrated tablet holder, a water bottle holder, and two cooling fans.

For a smooth ride, sole E95 delivers a fluid, natural motion thanks to one of the heaviest elliptical flywheels. Its top-notch build and reliable magnetic resistance ensure that the trainer operates almost silently. You get additional resistance from powered inclines, especially useful to diversify your workouts with 20 elliptical paths. Incline level adjustments help you target muscles in the glutes and legs. Movable handlebars with molded hand grips ensure efficient upper body training. The resistance controls of the Sole E95 elliptical are conveniently located into its handles. It provides pulse sensors in the stationary handlebars with pulse sensors. Moreover, your E95 comes with a chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring.

Suppose we pay close attention to understand the numerous benefits behind all these unique features. In that case, Sole E95 elliptical becomes our best recommendation for at-home elliptical training to justify its hefty price tag, making it rank among the best elite ellipticals on the market. The new Sole E95 Elliptical performs hassle-free for years together. It can entertain you with its MP3 player compatibility and tablet holder while delivering comfortable training to users of all skill levels.

Salient Features of Sole E95 Elliptical

10 Workout Programs

Sole E95 elliptical workout programs include user-defined routines, heart rate programs, and standard workouts. All these ten workout programs can adjust the resistance and incline of the Sole E95 elliptical, allowing you to customize different durations. Six of them include workout programs covering strength, interval training, hill climbing, fat burning, cardio, and of course, a manual mode.

The other two preset programs are heart rate control programs that use pulse data of the chest strap wirelessly to help you stay in the targeted heart rate zone, ensuring a stable exertion level. The last two programs are user-defined that they can fully personalize.

10.1″ Screen

A program screen of 10.1 inches is the centerpiece of the Sole E95 elliptical. It is the most expansive screen in the series featuring the best display graphics of the Sole brand. You get to see blue text against a white background that is easy to read. Moreover, the console also has an adjustable angle to ensure a perfect view.

Bluetooth Magic

Bluetooth compatibility of Sole E95 elliptical lets your smartphone or tablet computer work as a control center. You can use the Sole Fitness app on your mobile device to manage four key activities: set up any workout program, collect exercise statistics, store data for the long term, and finally send the stored data to popular fitness apps for analysis.

20 Powered Inclines with Quick Controls

Your Sole E95 elliptical has got 20 levels of incline to sculpt your leg muscles and glutes to perfection. You can use quick control from the monitor or the handlebars to easily adjust the incline levels. However, you also can kick back and let the preset programs control your inclines completely.

30 Pound Flywheel

Besides a 20-level incline, the Sole E95 elliptical provides 20 levels of magnetic resistance with the help of a 30-pound flywheel. The magical 20:20 combination of 20 gradients and 20 resistance levels challenges users of all skill levels – whether beginner or experienced.

Moving Handlebars

The new Sole E95 elliptical can tone your upper body and burn additional calories with moving handlebars. The handlebar design can support various grip positions for user comfort. You can focus on different muscle groups in the shoulders, chest, arms, and back by adjusting the handlebar grip. Moreover, there are stationary handlebars, too, with touch sensors for heart rate monitoring. Although they are less accurate than chest straps, it is a more convenient way of checking your pulse wirelessly.

Ergonomic Pedals

Your Sole E95 elliptical trainer features oversized foot pedals, a full size of 15 inches, allowing users to reposition their feet for comfort during your workout routine, unlike other elliptical machines, cushioned pedals. There is a usual apprehension of knee and ankle strain on front-drive elliptical machines. It is not the case with the Sole E95 elliptical because it has a slight inward slope to reduce the possibility of any such knee or ankle sprain. Finally, users can even adjust the pedal angle for additional comfort and customization.

Warranty & Guarantee

Can you beat the lifetime warranty of the Sole E95 elliptical for its robust frame? Besides, you get five years warranty on electronics and parts. Also, the labor warranty lasts two years with in-home servicing.

  • Sole E95 elliptical trainer has an adjustable power stride ranging from 20 to 22 inches, suitable for users of all skill levels.
  • The 30-pound flywheel ensures quiet operation with endless possibilities for full-body workouts.
  • You can monitor heart rate with pulse sensors contact grips on stationary handlebars. You can also use included chest strap for wireless pulse monitoring.
  • There are ten preset programs, including custom workout options.
  • You can sync your fitness data with popular apps with Bluetooth or integrate your smart device as a workout display.
  • Moving handlebars ensure full-body workouts in different variations.
  • The warranty is competitive with a promise of excellent customer service.
  • You get a panoramic 10.1-inch graphic screen.
  • There is a USB charging port with integrated Bluetooth audio speakers.
  • A water bottle holder, cooling fans, and an integrated tablet holder add to your convenience.
  • Sole E95 elliptical is not suitable for users with short strides.
  • The inability to download new workout programs is too restrictive.
  • The machine is not compact and not space-friendly.

Machine Specs of Sole E95 Elliptical

Dimensions (Inches): 83 x 27 x 62; Item Weight: 215 pounds; Resistance Levels: 20; Resistance Type: Eddy Current Braking; Incline: 0 to 20%; Flywheel: 27 pounds; Preset Workout Programs: 10; Profiles: 2 users; Stride Length: 20 Inches; Pedals: Adjustable & Cushioned; Display LCD: 10.1 inches; Heart Rate Monitoring: Pulse Grip + Chest Strap Compatibility; User Weight Capacity: 400 pounds; Quick Controls; Integrated Speakers; Cooling Fans; Warranty: Frame: Lifetime, Parts & Elec: 5 Yrs; Labor: In-Home 2 Yrs

Final Words

Sole E95 elliptical offers an impressive warranty package at an affordable range. Delivering quality workouts, creating gorgeous muscle definition, and extra fast calorie burning using 20 angled paths benefit users to take natural strides with low joint impacts. You can improve exercise effectiveness and experience by syncing with popular fitness apps and mobile devices to deliver top value.