Sole SB700 Comprehensive Guide

The Sole SB700 is an affordable exercise bike suitable for outdoor trainers and indoor cyclists, offering a quiet and comfortable ride. It is meant for personal use and guarantees an ideal fit for users of all heights as you can adjust the handlebars and the seat. It supports a user weight capacity of up to 300 pounds as its 48-pound flywheel ensuring that you enjoy fulfilling long workouts.

The Sole SB700 is a comfortable, compact-sized exercise bike perfect for riders who look for indoor training mimicking road bikes. It keeps you in an optimized HR training zone as it can monitor your heart rate on LCD wirelessly with a chest strap. You can build your cardio stamina with it, and you will like its quiet flywheel and easy and fast setup.

It is a highly affordable bike, easy to transport and offer you all the necessary feature you would expect in an indoor trainer. The Sole SB700 weighs only 141 pounds with a flywheel of 48 pounds and is amongst the quietest devices available out there. Like usual road bikes, its seat is a little small compared to other exercise bikes but still is cozy and comfortable. Its leather seat is aesthetically appealing with a red accent. You can easily roll the machine on a firm surface as it has wheels on the front side. Moreover, it takes minimal space in your home because it comes with narrow handlebars.

Like road bikes with quick-release tires, it has adjustment knobs that are just mimicking the same. New riders may take some time to adjust, but road cyclists will find this pretty familiar. You can ride sole SB700 in your running shoes as the pedals come with cages. If you want to clip in, you will have to switch to other pedals.

Coming to console, it is smaller but more efficient. There are two water bottle holders on the side, and the console centers on the handlebars. You get all the primary features on a small screen. Although there are no detailed screen features, cooling fans, or device docks, the console still gives enough information for great cycling workouts. 

The console shows time, speed, distance, approx. Calories burnt and RPM in different number formats. Moreover, you can also see the heart rate if you buy an additional monitor. Its screen is backlit with an LED illumination feature so that you can comfortably check in on your fitness metrics even when riding in dim light conditions.

If you are a serious cyclist, Sole SB700 is for you. It mimics the feel of riding bikes outdoors with intelligent ergonomics and a heavy-duty flywheel. It is a light commercial exercise bike that supports body sculpting, weight loss, competitive training for beginners to elite cyclists. This light commercial bike can support competitive training, weight loss, and body sculpting for beginners through elite athletes.

All in all, if you are looking for an efficient way to ride indoors with sleek and simple looks, Sole SB700 is an excellent option for you. It will be a wonderful addition to your home gym, offering comfortable seating and a quiet flywheel. It provides a practical outdoor experience indoors. 

You can customize your rides with adjustable resistance and an in-built Kevlar braking system. You don’t need to care much for dispensable extras such as live workouts, a cooling fan, in-built speakers, and a device dock. It is not a fancy bike but a functional one.

Salient Features of Sole SB700

Fitness Tracking

Even if Sole SB700 does not have any built-in workout programs, it is an excellent option for performing endurance workouts. You can track your fitness metrics like distance, speed, and time on the LCD screen, allowing you to finetune your fitness routine flexibly. But keep in mind that your bike is not compatible with iFit or any such fitness apps, so you will not get interactive video workouts. Some exercise enthusiasts may dislike this incompatibility, but this will not make any difference if you are looking for a no-strings low tech workout bike.

Blue Backlit LCD Console

It is one of the key attractions of your exercise bike. In addition to a comfortable ride, you get a user-friendly interface on its blue backlit LCD console. You can quickly track your fitness statistics like distance, speed, and time on the screen. Moreover, your console is compatible with an HR chest strap to monitor your pulse wirelessly. The package does not include a chest strap, and you need to buy it separately. You can keep yourself in the targeted heart rate zone while working out with these wireless straps.

Versatile Machine

You can ride comfortably on Sole SB700 as heavy 48-pound flywheel power it, mimicking the feel of a road bike. The flywheel consists of chrome-plated steel with precision balancing, Kevlar braking, and a well-designed drive. You can adjust the resistance to increase the difficulty level.

Your exercise bike can support a maximum user weight of 300 pounds, thanks to its 2mm oval steel tubing frame that can support almost any size and shape of users. The steel frame covered with aluminum is practically indestructible. The best part is that you can adjust both the handlebars and its seat to allow users to find a perfect setting to ensure a comfortable ride. You can move them in four directions: side to side as well as up and down.

The exercise bike has oversized pedals with toe cages to improve stability and security. It helps you prevent slipping while riding the bike during intense workouts. Unlike many competing bikes, it does not need any power source because it used self-generating power. It implies that you can keep your bike anywhere in the home space for added convenience. The bike has a compact footprint to take up relatively lesser space. Moreover, a water bottle holder is there to quench your thirst when you may need it most.

No Strings Low Tech Bike

If you are looking for interactive workouts for a high-tech exercise bike, Sole SB700 is not the bike for you. It does not offer several standard features like integrated speakers, smartphone compatibility, cooling fn, etc. Still, if you need an exercise bike with low-tech endurance workouts, you can skip all the frills and get this product with core features for comfortable rides. It is truly a no-fuss bike for people who like low-tech stuff.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Sole SB700 exercise bike offers an average industry warranty with decent coverage for its price point. You get a lifetime warranty on the frame, which sounds fabulous; electronics and parts carry a warranty coverage of three years. Finally, you also get an in-home warranty of one year on labor. It translated to a light commercial warranty on your device. Moreover, there is a money-back guarantee of 30 days on Sole SB700. During this period, if you ever feel that this bike is not for you, you have every right to return the product and seek full refunds.

  • You can track your fitness data like calories burnt, speed, distance, RPM, time on its blue backlit stylish LCD.
  • The frame is highly durable, with 2mm oval tubing covered with aluminum.
  • Sole SB 700 has a maximum user weight capacity of 300 pounds.
  • The warranty on your machine is decent, including lifetime coverage on the frame.
  • It features a heavy-duty flywheel design that mimics a road bike. The heavy-duty 48-pound flywheel comprises chrome-plated steel and is precision balanced.
  • You can adjust the resistance to increase or decrease the difficulty level.
  • It offers safety and stability with toe strap pedals while riding your exercise bike. The pedals are oversized and prevent any slipping.
  • The handlebars are adjustable which can be moved up and down, forward and backward, for a custom fit, allowing users of all shapes and sizes to access it.
  • The Sole SB700 has a compact footprint of only 40 x 21 inches, taking relatively lesser space.
  • The seat is also adjustable by moving it backward or forward for a perfect stride. You can also adjust the backrest.
  • Sole SB700 does not have any preset workout programming built into it.
  • Many standard features are missing: Cooling fan, device dock, integrated speakers.
  • It is a low-tech bike, incompatible with any live training sessions or fitness apps like iFit.

Machine Specs of Sole SB700

Dimensions (inches): 42 x 21 x 40; Bike type: Upright: Adjustable Resistance: 48-Pound flywheel; Frame: 2mm oval steel tubing; Kevlar Belt Drive System; Adjustable Seats; Toe Cage pedals; In-built programs: Nil; Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring: Chest Strap (not included); Backlit LCD: 3 x 4 inches; Maximum user weight capacity: 300 pounds; Machine Weight: 141 pounds;

Final Words

The Sole SB700 is a functional indoor cycle with a heavy flywheel. It is ideal for outdoor cyclists who sometimes need to train indoors. With a decent warranty coverage at $999 levels, it is a buy recommendation. The Sole SB700 exercise bike may not have several bells and whistles up its sleeve; it still offers a quiet and comfortable ride at an affordable price. This versatile machine is perfect for users who need no-strings, low-tech bikes on a budget.