Stryde Bike Review

Today, most home devices come with incredible connectivity features that keep all house owners connected to the outside world. Fitness gadgets are now part of the bike design for use at home. Products such as high-end fitness bikes are now coming with additional connectivity features that enable users to ride and stay connected to live stream fitness classes and access the Netflix content. They help burn calories, and users can surf the web while pedaling on the fitness bike. Stryde bike is the budget-friendly and user-friendly high-end studio-quality that provides constant access to the live indoor fitness bike classes being at the comfort of your home.

Not only this, but this bike also is affordable in comparison to other high-end home fitness bikes of competing brands offering the same features as the Stryde bike. It is also ideal for tiny houses or apartments that lack space. We all know indoor cycling is the best way to stay healthy and fit, work out, and lose weight in the safety and comfort of your house. Many different bikes you can use, whether it is spinning bikes or standard exercise; all of these work well. But if you want professional cycling set up for your house, you may consider a stryde bike.

Stryde bike offers an effective workout and a compact and lightweight design for providing better results as needed. It is the home spinning bike that is as perfect as the commercial spinning bike. It is a fitness system that shows immersive workouts for you. When talking about spinning bikes, you get what you pay. Affordable bikes are not made to have low-quality components and last longer, which means they are neither reliable nor comfortable. The best part is that the spin bike is of top-notch quality, where you can focus on your workout without any disturbance.

Salient Features


You can utilize the bike’s installed tablet for far more than only streaming workout recording. The tablet works the same as an android or Apple-supported tablet. The huge advantage is that the bike has an attached touch screen where you can read your favorite book. Watch Netflix or movies, scroll emails, open the internet browser or watch your favorite vlogs while working out. In addition to utilizing the tablet for completing non-exercise-related activities, you can download some fitness applications into it. 

Because of the tablet’s height mounted on the bike, you can also download other workout applications if you want to do non-bike-related exercises. The versatility of the tablet makes it ideal for one looking for activities outside their usual biking routine.


The good thing that stands out about the Stryde Bike is its design. It looks sleek and fast and invites you to hop on a ride. This biking is compact and small that takes only 4 feet by 2 feet. Beginning with the size of the bike, it features a small and compact design as well as size, including a small footprint. The ultra-compact and versatile design enables Stryde to fit finely in garages, living rooms, or even bedrooms.

The weight of the bike is about 135 lbs. It is highly durable welded with powder-coated steel framing. The total power coated steel frame with few silver finishing touches adds a stylish, sleek, and discrete design to an aesthetically pleasing unit.

The 21.5-inch touchscreen has inbuilt two speakers, and it integrates about a 3.5 mm headphone jack port and Bluetooth connectivity. Table integrated into bike runs on Android and comes pre-installed with the application of Stryde, web browser, and other apps. The high-quality, ergonomic memory foam and ultra-comfortable handlebars come well-padded to ensure that your hands never get hurt while working out on the Stryde bike.

100 Magnetic Resistance Levels

Stryde bikes have about 100 levels of magnetic resistance that you can adjust from 0 to 100 by turning the knob simply. Turning towards the right will make your ride hard, and one towards the left will make your ride easy. You will come to know where you are when talking about resistance, as shown for you right on the screen. You need to press down on the flywheel and resistance knob if you require it to stop your bike at any time.

Electromagnetic Brake System

Cheap bikes and even some of the expensive models utilize friction brakes for managing the resistance. Friction brakes require frequent calibration, and resistance is not at all smooth as it can be. However, stride bikes utilize electromagnetic braking that is smoother. The additional advantage is that electromagnetic braking is silent.

Powder Coating Frame

Indoor biking is a sweaty workout, and all of your sweat can wreak havoc on exposed metalwork. The Stryde bike has a powder coating, which means that it must offer many years of trouble-free workouts, and it would not rust.

22 Inches HD Touchscreen Tablet

Stryde bike provides 22 inches HD touchscreen tablet. If you are not taking a ride on the attached screen bike, you can now take it with the stryde bike and immerse yourself in a class. You get a good experience with a screen streaming center and font that resembles your favorite indoor cycling club. Stryde does not have a screen; it is a tablet. You will determine that it looks like other tablet screens having various applications along with web surfing.

Silent Belt Drive

The Stryde bike is silent due to the magnetic resistance and the belt drive system. Belt drive and resistance on stryde are high-end quality, premium, and on a stationary bike, it is the quietest and smoothest ride. 


Handlebars are more than twisted metal tubes with indentations at the top for a good grip in your workout when your hands are full of sweat. 

Dual Side Pedals

It is a huge advantage for many people, i.e., the ability to select athletic shoes or cycling shoes for your biking workouts—all your fitness requirements with both toe cages and SPD pedals.


Stryde offers you two delivery options on their site -self-assembly or white glove delivery and install. When you choose self-assembly, you will get two different boxes – one has a tablet, and another has a bike. The installation is not at all complex, and the entire procedure takes below 30 minutes. It might be a better idea to pay a bit extra for installing and delivering services if you are not good enough to put things together.


Stryde bikes come with a one-year warranty for all components. Tablet and moving parts of the motorcycle also cover the promise of labor to fix such features. The frame covers an entire five-year contract. Stryde bike has a manual explaining the way to care for the bike. If you follow instructions carefully, you must have a bicycle that has worked well for many years.

Audio/Sound System

You can utilize headphones and connect through Bluetooth to the in-built speakers. The bike comes with top-notch quality. There are two speakers for a 3.5 mm and a full stereo jack if you prefer to utilize wired headphones.

In-built Heart Rate Receiver

If you wear the chest strap, you will see the heart rate on the tablet screen to keep an eye on the intensity of the workout. 

Adjustable Sports Seat

You can now customize your seat by moving it back or forward along with changing the angle down or up. It is easy to adjust the height to make sure that you have the best position possible. The seat has in-built racks for dumbbells and weights that you want to add.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Though Stryde boosts in-built speakers, it enables Bluetooth connection with the effortless pairing of headphones. You can pair your speaker or AirPods with this bike so that you can work out without any disturbance at home with peace. 

Easy Storage And Sleek Designing

Though this exercise bike does not fold up to store, it is compact and slim, along with present wheels on the front that make it easy for storage at home. Many people live in small spaces; it is good that you can squeeze your bike into the corner and enjoy the advantages of working out at home even when you have limited space.

Some exercise bikes are bulky, oversized, and heavy by design, making indoor biking not convenient at the house. However, the Stryde bike provides a minimalist and sleek design that is functional and beautiful that is 100% appreciable. 

Setup And Installation

The procedure is relatively easy when talking about setup and installation and should take about half an hour if you follow the manual instructions carefully. All the bike parts come neatly packed in a rigid cardboard box.

However, there is also the option of white-glove delivery, i.e., the company will send an expert to help you assemble the bike correctly for you if you are not good at putting things all together. The bike has bulk weight, and so it is advisable to build the bike with two people. 

Capacity Of Height And Weight/Ergonomics

With the typical adjustability range available, the Stryde bike is suitable for a variety of rider heights.


You would not want back pain during the cycling exercise, which is the worst experience. But all thanks to the stryde bike developed for comfort and performance. The seat has sufficient padding and is fully adjustable, and the handlebars also are adjustable. You must set the bike up for a good anatomical fit. The frame is long enough to cater to taller riders, but shorter riders will feel overstretched.

Workout Programs

Stryde bikes are an authentic charm in fitness bikes. On one side, your many training sources come to you from various indoor cycling clubs, including vibe ride, high ride, with different new sessions that you can enroll via screen built-in bike. On the other side, programming gets more standard theme options than you expect, such as house and rhythm rides, rap rides, 80s music rides, and a sculpt ride. 

  • Overall good and compact construction
  • Silent and smooth magnetic resistance
  • Simple assembly of the machine (recommended to execute by two persons)
  • Access to web servers and other applications where users can enjoy their favorite series or workout sessions of biking anytime and anywhere.
  • In-built 1080P HD touchscreen
  • Top-notch quality training courses accessibility from some of the best cycling studios in the country.
  • It can be a valuable and functional trainer for beginners as well as advanced users.
  • Option of toe cages or SPD clips
  • 30-day return policy
  • Water bottle holders right at the handlebars.
  • Supporting system for small dumbbells or weights below the seat.
  • One year complete warranty and five years warranty on the frame itself.
  • Only 12 months warranty on the majority of the components.
  • No cooling fans available as a feature that we all appreciate
  • No heart rate monitoring metric accessible 

Machine Specs

Type: Indoor home fitness bike; console display: 21.5 inches high definition touchscreen; resistance levels: 0 to 100 magnetic resistance adjustable levels; installation/setup: 30 to 40 minutes; workout programs: famous cycling clubs streaming and access to a web browser for other sessions; flywheel: 30.5 lbs; seat: horizontally and vertically adjustable; Dimensions: 49.6″ L x 24″ W.

Final Words

Overall, the stryde bike is a smart purchase. People who are searching for affordable bikes and want access to multiple applications of streaming will love this. Not only it saves your cash, but it also offers access to unlimited entertainment and workout applications/videos anytime and anywhere. It also offers good connectivity via Bluetooth for you. If you want to know about the Stryde bike in detail, read its features discussed above with its pros and cons. After reading, decide whether it is suitable for you or not.