Sunbeam GoHeat Cordless Heating Pad

Sunbeam Heating Pad

People experience their pain differently. Some suffer from sore muscles after workouts, and others may develop pain due to uncomfortable workspaces. Sunbeam, a leading manufacturer of heat therapy products, has launched a heating pad to relieve pain from sore muscles. Here is the most innovative, safe, and convenient option to manage your pain wirelessly.

The Sunbeam heating pad offers comfortable heat therapy while you are on the go or at home. You may slip the heating pad controller and the battery into the side pockets of your heating pad, adjust the strap, and you are good to go.

Salient Features of Sunbeam Heating Pad

Handy Pain Relieving gadget

The sunbeam heating pad is a cordless gadget in a flexible 9.5 x 12 inches dimension. You can use it anytime and about anywhere you need it, making it a portable product offering a high heat level for efficient pain relief. It has a new mobile design which helps people in better management of pain with this handy device. The latest design ensures that you do not need to stay close to the nearest wall outlet. You are no more confined to their couches or restricted by the cord length. You can multitask while relieving pain.

Rechargeable Battery

The sunbeam heating pad features an 11.1-volt lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable. You can use the heat pad for up to four hours on a low heat setting. You can also go for a quick charger that charges the heating pad within 75 minutes compared to the standard time of three hours. However, you have to purchase this accessory separately.

Targets Critical Body Parts

You can quickly adjust the strap to fit up to 55 inches around your critical pain points, such as shoulders, legs, arms, and back. It easily flexes to ensure body contact by adjusting to the shape of most body parts. It targets the heat to these areas while the strap keeps it in place.

Efficient Heating

It heats faster than leading, heated pain relief alternatives (single-use). It heats up quickly within 30 seconds, providing a heating pad level heat. You can adjust the heat settings to three levels: low, medium, and high, hotter than previous models. It emits high-level heat that improves blood flow, thereby accelerating tissue healing and relaxing your sore muscles. It is a clinical fact that heat relieves pain caused by stress or muscle tension since heat is a drug-free form of pain relief. The heat improves blood flow to the source of pain. You can also spray the pad fabric with water for moist heat, which provides a deep, penetrating comfort. The sunbeam heating pad is ideal for your pain relief management.


It offers on-the-go convenience with its additional thoughtful features. The adjustable heat pad is machine washable and dryer safe, but please remove the battery beforehand. It has a soft luxurious micro mink fabric and shuts off automatically in two hours. It is also HSA/FSA eligible and UL Certified. Stay safe with this FDA-registered class II medical device.

  • It can heat up quickly in as little as 30 seconds.
  • It can relieve pain and soothe sore muscles on the go or at home.
  • It is a handy device preventing the need to stay close to a wall outlet, as it is cordless.
  • You can enjoy it anywhere you need it as it is designed to help you multitask and stay mobile.
  • The rechargeable battery works for up to 4 hours on a single charge on a low heat setting.
  • You can charge the battery in three hours (75 minutes with a quick charger, sold separately).
  • It can fit up to 55 inches, enough to take care of your regular body parts with sore muscles: legs, arms, back, and shoulders.
  • You can specifically target these body parts to relieve pain where you need the most.
  • It heats faster than leading pain relief solutions (single-use ones).
  • It offers three heating modes: low, medium, and high to adjust to your soreness and muscle stiffness levels.
  • It quickly increases blood flow to the painful areas.
  • The adjustable straps snugly keep things in place, and you can go around confidently multitasking.
  • The soft luxurious micro mink fabric and the strap are machine-washable. You can even put the heating pad and the belt into the dryer for added convenience. However, you got to take care to remove the battery before washing or drying.
  • It is HSA/FSA eligible and UL certified.
  • It is an FDA-registered medical device of the Class II category.
  • It can shut off automatically in two hours if you forget to switch it off or go to sleep.
  • It comes with Sunbeam’s excellent brand equity, a leading manufacturer of fitness and heat therapy products.
  • The product has a safe design, ensuring that you are protected from mishaps caused by low-quality material or parts in low-priced alternatives.
  • The product is convenient because it is handy and user-friendly.
  • It features specific high-heat suitable for pain relief from soreness and stiffness of muscles.
  • It is a drug-free technique of relieving pain, protecting you from drugs’ side effects.
  • It adjusts to body parts’ shape, ensuring a comfortable fit and effective heat transmission to affected painful body parts.
  • You can use the Sunbeam heating pad for wet heat therapy, which provides more profound comfort.
  • The product has an attractive shape and color to keep you trendy while on the go.
  • The product is lightweight, weighing only 1.05 pounds.
  • You got to buy the quick charger separately.
  • The battery discharge time of 4 hours seems to be on the lower side. In a high setting, it will reduce further.
  • There are no other colors available.
  • If you experience soreness in both legs or multiple body parts, you will have to buy additional heating pads.

Machine Specs of Sunbeam Heating Pad

Product Dimensions: 12 x 9 inches; Strap Extension: 55 inches; Wattage: 30W 2.2Ah; Power Source: 11.1V Lithium-Ion Battery; Material Type: Micromink; Fabric Type: 100% Polyester; Batteries Required: Yes; Color: Gray; Item weight: 1.05 pounds.