Sunny Elliptical Review

So, you have heard about sunny elliptical. You want this equipment in your home gym. However, you are still skeptical about the utility and benefits. Sunny SF-E3912 is worth trying if you want a mid-level cross-trainer. Also, it will not hurt your budget. However, you can expect all the advanced features. The price and features make this cross trainer one of the most preferred choices for fitness enthusiasts. 

You can expect an array of advanced features. It features sixteen resistance levels and twenty-four built-in programs. The machine will last longer and can serve you for a long time. It weighs 105lbs, and that will help with the required stability. Besides, it can support up to 330lbs. In brief, it is well made and well-equipped to become the first option for any home gym.

The assembly requirement is also minimal. Once you have this trainer, you can practice a range of exercises and get a fit body. You can use the handlebars, stride, console, and pulse sensors to engage your muscles and achieve more from your workouts. In the following, we will know more about this Sunny Elliptical machine

Features of the Sunny Elliptical SF-E3912

Sunny SF-E3912 can last long with solid construction. All the parts are corrosion-resistant. Also, they have a chip-resistant finish to offer a durable result. However, the machine is not foldable. But it comes with a smaller footprint and provides excellent stability. The rear base of this machine has rubberized and adjustable stabilizers. Also, its front base will have rubber pads and transport wheels. That means you can conveniently move this trainer from one place to another.

Additionally, the machine features two handlebars. One is the fixed handlebar, and another is mobile. Also, the mobile handlebar will have extended grips. Both these handlebars feature rubberized grips. Therefore, users can expect optimal comfort while practicing workouts. Here is more about the features and their benefits. 


The cross trainer features a steel frame construction. Therefore, users can expect a sturdy and solid-built machine. Both will ensure desired durability and stability. Also, your trainer will not damage your wooden floors. As stated earlier, the front base will have rubber pads, and the back will have rubberized stabilizers. Even if it is not foldable, the compact footprint will ensure easy storage. The transport wheels will enable users to practice their workouts in their convenient places. 


Furthermore, it features a motorized magnetic resistance system. However, it will need an external power source to adjust the resistance level automatically. Once you choose any program, the resistance level will be adjusted automatically. Additionally, it comes with an adaptor. Therefore, you can plug in the machine to be benefited from both manual and automatic decline and incline adjustments.

The resistance system will have a servo motor and an internal magnetic brake. Once you choose any resistance level using the console, the servo motor will adjust the brake position. Also, it will decrease or increase the intensity of the magnetic field. When it comes to resistance levels, you will have sixteen. 


Users can expect a mid-range console. It features a large LCD and LED backlight to ensure superior readability. Also, the display has multiple subsections to reflect many workout metrics. They will show RPM, time, total distance, speed, watts, pulse, and calories. The console will display the distance and speed in miles and miles per hour. Yes, users will not be able to set the exercise speed and distance into metric units. 

Apart from that, users of the Sunny Elliptical can read the pulse from the grip sensors. As it is not telemetric, the machine cannot track the pulse with a wireless transmitter. Moreover, the console cannot connect to online apps. Yes, it lacks online connectivity. But it will have twenty-four workout programs. You can consider any workout mode based on your preference. You can try pre-program, manual, body fat, watt, user programs, and heart rate.


You will appreciate dual handlebars. If you want to focus on your lower body, the handlebars can be your great companion. When the fixed set offers excellent stability, the moving bar will support your full-body workouts. The handlebars make this trainer the best choice both for beginners and experienced. Also, the fixed one will have built-in pulse sensors. By holding the bar, you can know your heart rate. 


As mentioned above, Sunny SF-E3912 will have transportation wheels. If you do not want to practice workouts in a particular place, you can effortlessly move this trainer to any convenient area. It has transport wheels, and you need to tilt and roll out the machine from one place to another. The front wheels make it easy for users to move the trainer around without using muscle power. If your gym is not wide enough to accommodate this trainer, you can store it in any suitable space. Whenever needed, you can take it out and practice your workout. Transportation will not demand time and effort. 

Device Holder 

Yes, you can also have a space for your device on the trainer. Yes, it features a device holder. You can keep your smartphone on the device holder and watch all your favorite workout videos. You will enjoy your videos and practice workouts without any inconvenience.

Pulse Sensors

The pulse sensors of the Sunny Elliptical are innovative. They can help you to know your heart rate by holding the handlebar only. While practicing workouts, you will have to monitor your heart rate to speed up the progress. You can do it effortlessly with Sunny Elliptical. Also, pulse rate will enable you to practice suitable workouts. The prolonged and steady heart rate means you have achieved more benefits. With accurate information, you can have better control over your exercises. 

Full Motion Arm Workouts 

You can use full-motion handlebars to engage muscles of your biceps, pecs, and traps. Also, you can activate the muscles of your thighs, glutes, and hamstrings simultaneously.

Non-slip Pedals

The foot pedals are non-slip. That will enable users to move their feet safely and practice different variations. Apart from that, the textured pedals can accommodate all sizes of feet and ensure safe gripping. You can safely practice the most vigorous and demanding workouts without experiencing a bit of discomfort. 

Bottle Holder 

You will have both the device and bottle holder. During workouts, you can practice different variations and enjoy your favorite videos. You can refresh your mind with a beverage as well. Sunny Elliptical will have everything to support your workout needs. 

Main Specifications 

Sunny Elliptical can benefit users from the performance monitor, sixteen adjustable resistance levels, pulse sensors, floor stabilizers, and twenty-four built-in programs when it comes to the technology. There will be many additions to offer optimal comfort. We can take the example of the bottle holder, non-slip foot pedals, full-motion handlebar, non-slip handles, and transport wheels. You can also expect advanced engineering. 

The weight capacity of this machine is 330lbs. Also, it has 15.5 inches stride length, smooth belt drive system, and electromagnetic resistance system. The weight of the product is 105lbs, and the dimension is 55L x 23W x 64.5H inches. Additionally, a three-year warranty on frame and other components and parts will have 180 days of warranty support. 


Quality Construction

The trainer is well made to last long and support demanding workouts. The weight and build quality of the machine makes it easy for all types of users to practice different variations comfortably. 


SF-E3912 ELLIPTICAL is well-equipped to stand out in the crowd. However, it will fit your budget and support your workout needs for a long time. If you are a beginner, you can practice the built-in programs. You can use different resistance levels to meet your fitness goals. 


The machine can support all types of users. The foot pedals feature non-slip designs. Also, the base has pads to prevent any damage to the floor. Apart from that, there will be two handlebars to meet the different workout needs of users. They can also use a large screen to track their progress. 

Quiet Machine

The magnetic resistance will enable the machine to perform quietly. You can practice your workouts without causing the slightest disturbance to others.

Easy-to-Use and Transport

You can move your trainer to your convenient places whenever you want. The wheels will ensure easy transportation from one place to another. As a result, you will not have to restrict to one place only.

Fast Assembly 

The assembly will not demand your time and effort. You can follow the instructions and can do the job in less than an hour. 


Lacks Telemetric Console

It cannot track the pulse through a wireless transmitter.

No Online Support

Users will not be able to share their progress online. You cannot connect to any fitness app as well. 

Final Words

While investing in any fitness equipment, you will prefer the one that supports different variations and serves you for a long time. Sunny Elliptical meets both these requirements. Yes, this mid-level cross trainer can offer unparalleled performance and optimal comfort. You will appreciate all the features. The machine can enable you to achieve your fitness goals fast.