Best Treadmill For Home Use


Horizon T101 Treadmill

Salient Features of Horizon T101 Treadmill

1. Bluetooth Connectivity

This treadmill features integrated speakers with a Bluetooth connection so that you can synchronize your device. You will get excellent stereo quality sound with the required crispiness and vibrancy.

You can keep your smartphone or tablet in a device holder, which is in-built into the treadmill. You can conveniently view instructor-led exercise classes or your favorite entertainment during the workout. You can continue with a long workout routine thanks to a rapid charge USB port to help you keep your devices in full power.

In a nutshell, you can give a personal touch to your workouts. You can connect to the content that moves you. You may choose to sweat it out with musical beats, movies, or with an instructor.

2. Strong and Silent Motor Operation

The Horizon T101 treadmill features a 2.5 Continuous-Duty Horsepower motor, which is responsive and durable. You will never feel any lags or surges during your workout on its Johnson Drive System. Moreover, it operates in a super silent manner with lower RPM, ensuring that your motor remains cool while providing long-lasting performance.

3. Perfect Cushion and Support

It also features a soft cushion in high-impact areas of the treadmill to provide perfect flex and support. Its state-of-the-art three-zone Variable Response Cushioning system makes this possible. It implies that you get a higher degree of comfort with lesser fatigue in every stride.

Key Specs of Horizon T101 Treadmill

Machine Specifications:

1. A folding frame with a running area of 20 x 55 Inches

2. 2.5 continuous duty horsepower drive motor

3. 3-zone variable response cushioning

4. 1.4mm silicone belt

5. 0.5-12 miles per hour (mph) speed

6. 180 pounds treadmill weight and 300 pounds user weight

Console Specifications:

1. Bluetooth with USB and integrated speakers

2. 3 LED windows for display

3. Information on calories, heart rate, distance, speed, etc.

  • Bluetooth connectivity ensures device synchronization
  • Vibrant stereo quality sound through integrated speakers
  • View favorite programs while doing the workout
  • Convenient device holder to position your devices like smartphone or tablet or iPad
  • USB Port to charge your devices for uninterrupted workouts
  • A strong motor that avoids lags and surges
  • Ultra-silent operation
  • Shock absorbing Soft-cushion at high impact zones for perfect flex and support
  • Intuitive controls for walking, jogging or running
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and motor
  • You may not use a laptop to view media
  • App connectivity is missing
  • LED Screen is not backlit
  • Limited warranty of 1 year on parts


Horizon T202 Treadmill Review

Salient Product Features of Horizon T202 Treadmill:

The Horizon T202 Treadmill has got everything you want with Bluetooth connectivity, a larger motor, an oversized deck, and a secure device holder. It features all that with a promise of quality and durability and a super silent 2.75 CHP motor.

1. Bluetooth Connectivity

The Horizon T202 Treadmill gives a personal touch to your workout routine. You can enjoy music or live classes or movies while sweating it out. The integrated speakers ensure that your devices are synced with Bluetooth to stream media in a stereo sound full of vibrancy.

Moreover, you can easily keep your devices in a secure in-built device holder. A USB port is there to keep your devices charged all the time.

2. Larger Motor

You can add power to your workouts with continuous Horse Power (CHP) of 2.75 so that you don’t experience any surges or lags. A super-quiet operation of the Johnson Drive System ensures recalibration with every step of the user. Lower RPM keeps the motor cool and durable.

3. Larger Deck Area

Run at your pace to enjoy the comfort and additional space of 20×60 inches, perfect for both walkers and joggers. Shock-absorbing cushions have a unique three-zone response system to provide optimum flex levels. It is an excellent value for money with the best frame and deck combination.

4. Control With A Touch

Take advantage of the free Sports app’s smart fitness technology to connect with the Horizon T202 Treadmill and monitor your heart rate and fitness data on a real-time basis. You can set up profiles, control the treadmill from your tablet or smartphone’s convenience, and sync your data to favorite apps like Fitbit or MyFitnessPal, etc.

Key Specifications of Horizon T202 Treadmill

Machine Specifications:

In addition to a 2.75 CHP drive motor, three-zone cushioning, and 20×60 running area, it has a folding frame, a better speed range of 0.5 to 0.12 miles per hour, and an incline range of 12%.

Console Specs:

The console features integrated speakers, Bluetooth function, and a USB port. Moreover, it has a backlit LED display with programs for key workout data parameters.

  • Integrated speakers to stay connected
  • Convenient device holder for streaming the content
  • USB port to keep devices charged up
  • Powerful motor with 2.75 CHP
  • Super-silent operation of the motor
  • Lower RPM for durability
  • Responsive motor recalibration
  • Extended deck for better space coverage
  • Shock-absorbing cushioning
  • App connectivity for live fitness data and heart monitoring
  • Little expensive than the basic model
  • Not compatible with laptop
  • Only one USB port


Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill

Salient Features of Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill

1. Advanced Bluetooth

The treadmill features Bluetooth 4.0 heart rate receiver with enhanced connectivity options. You can experience connected workouts with integrated speakers for an immersive feel. Furthermore, the device holder and USB port add to the workout convenience.

2. Zwift Advantage

Zwift is a multiplayer video game for runners in the virtual world. You can participate in marathons, compete with the community, or run any 200 virtual races every day. Running live with others will motivate you to interact with others and work out by connecting to the free Zwift app.

3. Quick controls

Now you can continue your workout while adjusting speed and incline rates up or down. User-friendly controls make it simple to speed up, go up the hill, and vice versa. These features are exclusive to the studio series of treadmills.

4. Rapid Motor synchronization

Change your speed or incline without experiencing any lags or delays due to its highly responsive motor. It is 33% faster than traditional treadmill motors making it ideal for interval training.

5. Extended deck space

You get more room to run with a 20×60 inch deck space. A three-zone shock-absorbing cushioning provides you perfect flex and support along with space and comfort due to an oversized deck.

Key Specifications of 7.0 AT Treadmill

Machine Specs:

3.0 CHP Rapid sync motor, 20×60 inch running area, folding frame, 1.6mm Silicon belt, connectivity to fitness apps.

Console Specs:

Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, Integrated speakers, device holder, USB, quick precision controls, Heart rate receiver, 7 inches LED screen. 

  • App integration and connectivity, designed to work with live fitness apps
  • Highly responsive motor with rapid sync features to adjust speed and incline without lags
  • Advanced Bluetooth connectivity to transmit data to connected apps
  • Fast charge USB port to fully power your devices
  • Device holders to secure your devices safely
  • Zwift multiplayer connectivity to join runners across the world
  • Quick precision controls for a smoother transition of speed and incline levels
  • Rapid sync motor and thrust incline motor are 33% faster
  • Ample deck space and three-zone cushioning ensure space and comfort.
  • Durable treadmill at an unbeatable value for money
  • Comparatively less potent than other treadmills of studio series
  • Enhanced BT connectivity not available in machines built before Aug 2020
  • Minimum assembly time is more than one hour, and the treadmill is quite heavy


Proform 505 CST Treadmill

Salient Features of Proform 505 CST Treadmill

1. Roomy Deck of 20×55

The tread belt with a length of 55 inches and a width of 20 inches is roomy enough to walk, jog or run comfortably. Moreover, the company tests every tread belt with double user weight for at least one million cycles. It ensures maintenance-free tread belts for your Proform 505 CST Treadmill.

2. Quick Folding Design

The machine folds in seconds to keep your space clutter-free. It has safety locks not to unfold accidentally. When you complete your workout, you regain your living space.

3. Quick Digital Controls

You can train your legs with the best workout by adjusting the incline in the 0-10% range. You can instantly change the pitch to get a challenging uphill workout with motorized quick digital controls of speed and angle.

4. A personal trainer

The Proform 505 CST Treadmill works as your trainer when you connect with iFit Coach for workout classes. You can connect your tablet to the iFit Coach-ready treadmill to get a personalized experience. It automatically adjusts the incline on your treadmill. You get workouts and classes from an extensive and ever-growing range worldwide.

Key Specifications of Proform 505 CST Treadmill

The treadmill features a 2.5 CHP Motor, 20×55 inches deck space, 5 inches backlit display, Heart rate sensor, 0 to 10 MPH speed controls, 0 to 10% incline controls.

The iFit Coach-ready treadmill also features a Foldable frame, convenient smartphone cum tablet holder, and integrated Aux speakers.

You get Bluetooth connectivity to collect data on mileage, speed, calories, heart rate, time, etc. Besides, it offers cushioning at high-impact areas, 18 onboard workouts for instant access.

  • Spacious tread belt for comfortable workouts with enough elbow space
  • Due to rigorous testing, the tread belts are maintenance-free
  • You can quickly fold the treadmill to get back your space, and it also ensures safety with a lock
  • Instantly adjusts the incline while doing the workouts to ensure an optimized exercise routine for your legs
  • iFit Coach connectivity through Bluetooth provides personal trainers’ experience in the comfort of your home
  • Automatic incline adjustment to match the terrain
  • World-class personal trainers through the app
  • Personalized nutrition guidance
  • 0 to 10% incline range for an uphill workout
  • Thirty days money-back guarantee
  • iFit Coach subscription will lead to additional cost implication
  • The length is lower by 5 inches compared to competing treadmills
  • Limited one-year warranty on parts


Reebok Treadmill

Salient Features of Reebok Treadmill: Astroride A 4.0

1. Astroride Cushioning Technology

The Reebok Treadmill features a state-of-the-art Astroride Cushioning Technology, which increases the spring. Effectively, the cushioning absorbs the shocks, thereby reducing the impact on your joints. Hence, the running platform of the Reebok Treadmill is more forgiving for runners and joggers for a softer landing every time.

2. LED Display

You get a futuristic control panel on the console with a 3-window LED display. You get feedback regarding your workout statistics on the display panel to optimize your training routine.

3. Pre-set Workout Programs

You have 36 pre-set workouts already saved in the machine. You can choose from the pre-designed workouts to suit your training needs. Moreover, you can save your three favorite user-defined programs to personalize your experience on the Reebok Treadmill.

4. Powerful Motor

The Reebok Treadmill features a powerful two-horsepower motor. It can reach a speed of 18 kph with 12 levels of increased incline for uphill training to push yourself further to strengthen your leg muscles.

Key Specifications of Reebok Treadmill

The Reebok Treadmill features a powerful 2 HP motor that achieves a maximum speed of 18 kph. You can view the control console with a 3-window LED display. There are 36 pre-set workouts and three custom workout options with 12 incline levels.

The Reebok Treadmill also features a unique Astroride cushioning technology with body fat and fitness test, 3W speakers, MP3 input for audio, speed and incline keys for quick changes, Storage tray, and integrated hand pulse sensors.

Besides, you get a SoftDrop hydraulic folding option with built-in transport wheels and Auto-stop safety keys.

The Reebok Treadmill allows a maximum user weight of 130 kg on a running Area of 130 x 45 cm. The Setup size is 167.5 x 76.5 x 140 cm, which gets reduced when folded to only 103 x 76.5 x 140 cm.

  • Unique Astroride cushioning technology absorbs shocks and feels comfortable to joints
  • 3-Window LED display gives a futuristic look on the control panel
  • Displays workout data on the LED display to monitor your performance
  • Reebok Treadmill is versatile to offer 36 pre-set workouts to take care of both light and heavy users.
  • You can save three user-defined workouts to have a personalized experience
  • Powerful 2 HP motor with a maximum speed of 18 kph
  • You can adjust the incline up to 12 levels for uphill resistance
  • No backlit LED
  • No App or Bluetooth connectivity
  • You can save only three user-defined workouts
  • Limited speaker wattage of 3W


Horizon Treadmill

Salient Features of the Horizon Treadmill

1. Content Availability Via Advanced Bluetooth

The Horizon Treadmill features advanced Bluetooth connectivity to stream music and fitness content. You can workout to the tune of your favorite music or view on-demand classes.

Advanced Bluetooth allows it to connect more than one device simultaneously, stream audio via integrated speakers, and track your fitness data. Besides, the Horizon Treadmill offers a convenient device tray to hold your smartphone or tablet, and the USB with a fast charge option ensures interruption-free workouts for hours together.

2. User-Friendly Interface

You can quickly change speed and incline intensity as per your workout requirements. You can save your personalized preferences in a user-friendly interface on the console. For instance, the interval timer is reset to zero to facilitate interval training.

3. State-of-the-art-Motor

The Horizon Treadmill motor is strong enough with 3.0 CHP to respond in synchronization with your footfalls so that you never feel any lagging or surging during changes. Besides, the motor is super-silent and quietly works in the background with low RPM ensuring durability.

4. Larger Deck Area with Cushioning

You get an ideal combination of comfort and space to walk, run or jog. A more significant deck pace of 20×60 inches makes you comfortable, and the latest cushioning technology provides optimum flex support at high impact zones.

5. App Connectivity

You can monitor your heart rate with a free Pro app. You can also connect to famous fitness apps like Fitbit to track your workout data from one place.

Key Specifications of Horizon Treadmill

It features a 3.0 CHP Motor, 3-Zone cushioning, a Folding frame, 1.4mm Belt, 300 lbs user weight allowed, Advanced Bluetooth, Integrated Speakers, and a Backlit LED.

Besides, it offers Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, USB Port with Rapid charge, Lifetime Warranty on Frame and Motor, 194 lbs. weight of the machine, etc.

  • Custom Interval keys to save preferences
  • Larger deck area
  • Advanced Bluetooth connectivity with integrated speakers
  • Super-silent motor for quiet workouts
  • Unique 3-Zone cushioning for comfort and shock absorbing
  • Smart fitness technology with app connectivity
  • Connects multiple devices
  • USB port with fast charging option for longer workouts
  • Tracks heart rate
  • Device holder for easy view of video classes
  • Quick controls for fast changes in speed and incline levels
  • Resettable interval timers
  • The powerful motor of 3 CHP
  • Lower RPM for cool operation and durability
  • Durable machine
  • Free Pro App
  • Pushed data automatically to popular fitness apps
  • User-friendly interface
  • Strap not included
  • Tablet and subscription are charged extra
  • Most expensive in the lot
  • A marginal increase of deck space

7. Xterra TR6.6 Treadmill

Xterra TR6.6 Treadmill

Salient Features of Xterra TR6.6 Treadmill

1. Wide Screen

The treadmill features a 7.5 inch blue backlit LCD for enhanced visibility. You can quickly monitor your fitness data like time, speed, calories, incline, distance, pulse, etc. You can also set several manuals, user, and heart rate controlled programs.

2. Powerful Motor

The Xterra TR6.6 Treadmill motor is powerful enough to provide a torque of 3.0 horsepower. The motor powers the treadmill to reach from zero to 12 miles per hour.

3. Extended Deck Space

You get a larger running space with a 20 x 60 inches running surface. Extended length is perfect for runners, and it can easily accommodate users of all sizes and fitness levels.

4. Extra Soft Deck

The deck features extra soft cushioning for impact absorption all over the deck. The technology offers multiple points of cushioning throughout for added comfort of users.

5. Space-saving Fold-up design

You can quickly lift to fold up the treadmill. Moreover, the safe drop option allows the treadmill deck to lower slowly to prevent any accidental injuries.

6. Convenient Controls

The handlebar has the speed and incline-control buttons mounted on them for convenient adjustments. You can safely continue workouts without losing momentum as the controls are located where they should be. The handlebar also has hand grip pulse sensors mounted on them to stay in the training zone and achieve your fitness goals.

7. Accessory Holder

The holder rack is integrated into the console. You can conveniently access your water bottle and keep devices and accessories like smartphones, remote controls, portable music players, etc.

Key Specs of Xterra TR6.6 Treadmill

The treadmill has a 3.0 CHP motor, 20×60 running surface, 350 lbs user weight capacity, 265 lbs machine weight, folding frame with lift assist, and safe drop features.

The incline has 15 levels, and you can have a speed of up to 12 miles per hour. The treadmill also features unique XTRASoft cushioning, backlit blue LCD of 7.5 inches, MP3 jack, and speakers.

  • Wide LCD Screen in blue backlit design
  • Powerful motor with 3.0 horsepower to provide 0-12 MPH speed
  • More extended running surface for comfortable workouts
  • XTRASoft cushioned deck
  • Handlebar Speed and incline controls with hand grip pulse sensors
  • You can fold up the treadmill with the LiftAssist feature and safely unfold it with SafeDrop.
  • Heart rate chest strap included
  • MP3 music through inbuilt speakers
  • Cooling fan
  • Reading Rack and accessory holder
  • Up to 15 incline levels to choose from
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and motor
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • No app connectivity or on-demand content

8. Xterra Treadmill

Xterra Treadmill

Salient Features of Xterra Treadmill TRX 3500

1. Powerful Home Treadmill

The treadmill has a powerful motor of 3.0 horsepower torque. You get an impressive lifetime warranty on both its frame and motor. Similarly, all parts also have a two-year warranty. The mighty motor has a stunning speed range of up to 12 miles per hour. The motor works silently with super silent performance. You can quickly fold the treadmill when not using it. Moreover, it has a safety drop feature that slowly unfolds the deck for better safety.

2. Integrated Audio

The treadmill features an integrated audio jack and speakers. You can enjoy your workout with inbuilt soundtrack capabilities.

3. Convenient Handlebar Controls

The treadmill has a 0-12% incline range and 0-12 mph speed range. Its handlebar has quick control buttons to adjust both the speed and incline without losing your tempo.

4. XTRA Soft Cushioned Deck with Bigger Deck

The treadmill features an XTRASoft deck with cushioned deck. It also has an oversized deck of 20 x 60 inches for comfortable running and jogging.

5. Zwift Compatible

All Treadmill models manufactured after Nov 2019 are compatible with the Zwift app. You can use this app as a game with a competitive and playful spirit.

6. Large Console Display

The console has a big 6.5 inch blue backlit LCD with 30 pre-set programs for various users of all fitness levels. The console also includes direct access speed and incline control buttons to adjust them quickly.

Key Specs of Xterra Treadmill TRX 3500

The Xterra Treadmill features a 3.0 horsepower motor, 20×60 inches running surface, folding design with safe drop feature, 350 lbs user weight capacity, and 214 lbs treadmill weight.

The handlebar has speed (0-12mph) and inline (0-12 levels) buttons. Moreover, the deck cushioning is XTRASoft. The LCD console is 6.5 inches in blue backlit type.

You also get a two-ply Duraweave Walking Belt, MP3 audio jack, and speakers with a cooling fan.

  • Powerful motor with super silent operation
  • The extra-large running deck surface
  • Convenient access of speed and incline button from the handlebar
  • Integrated audio jack and speakers
  • Extra soft Shock absorbing deck
  • Compatible with Zwift app to enjoy the workouts like a game
  • Lifetime warranty of frame and motor
  • Lift-assist frame design to quickly fold and reclaim living space
  • Safe drop feature to prevent accidental injuries from sudden fall
  • Large blue backlit LCD screen in 6.5 inches
  • 30 pre-set programs
  • No streaming of content or live classes
  • Limited warranty on parts
  • Subscription not included

9. NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

Salient features of NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

1. Infinite Training Options

Usually, workouts are boring to some people, but not with NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill. You get unlimited training variety suitable for all levels of users.

a. You can get streaming of on-demand workout content anytime.

b. Trainers are available on-demand

c. Your trainer can remotely control the speed and incline levels.

d. You will not get bored as you get new workouts every day.

e. You can use Google Maps to perform exercises on any terrain.

f. You can create up to four iFit Profiles.

g. Members get personalized coaching.

2. Live Interactive Workouts

The iFit Trainers can control the speed and incline of the treadmill as required. You can also quickly adjust the speed from zero to ten and incline up to 10% with one-touch controls.

3. Responsive Motor

A smart response motor responds quickly to every footfall. It features a perfect synchronization between the machine and the user and with low vibration and self-cooling capabilities. The Treadmill motor works silently, and self-cooling ensures durability.

4. The technological advantage

The NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill features a 10 inch HD touchscreen with Aux Port and dual amplified speakers to provide the best audio-visual experience during the workouts.

5. The comfort factor

The treadmill features a unique FlexSelect cushioning to support your body with shock-absorbing. Its spacious Tread belt of 20×55 inches ensures comfortable workouts.

Key Specs of NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

  1. 10″ Smart HD Touchscreen
  2. Includes One-Year NordicTrack iFit membership
  3. Aux Music Port
  4. Dual 2″ Digitally Amplified Speakers
  5. FlexSelect Cushioning
  6. 20″x55″ Commercial Tread Belt
  7. 0 to10% Incline
  8. 0 to 10 MPH Speed
  9. One-Touch Control Options
  10. 2.6 Continuous Horse Power Motor
  11. 300 Lb User Capacity
  12. EKG Grip Pulse
  13. SpaceSaver Design with EasyLift Assist
  14. 20 Onboard Workout Programs
  15. 203 Lb In Box Product Weight
  16. 54″x36″73.5″ Footprint
  17. 10-Year Frame Warranty
  18. 2-Year Parts Warranty
  19. 1-Year Labor Warranty
  • Infinite training options with new workout programs every day
  • On-demand trainers and workout content leads to flexible and personalized workouts.
  • Four profiles for multiple users with interactive personal training
  • Trainers can control the speed and incline so that you focus on exercises.
  • Responsive motor with low vibration and self-cooling features
  • Giant touchscreen and amplified speakers for audio and video
  • Unique cushioning technology
  • Spacious Tread belt for comfortable exercise
  • Free membership of iFit for one year included
  • Space-saving design with easy lift technology
  • You can join and interact with the trainers globally
  • A live leaderboard encourages you to compete
  • Tread belt width is a little lesser than competing models
  • Motor power is only 2.6 CHP
  • Little expensive


Schwinn 830 Treadmill

Salient Features of Schwinn 830 Treadmill

1. Durable Build

The Schwinn 830 Treadmill has a robust folding frame with excellent cushioning and a powerful motor, ensuring long life due to the treadmill’s durable construction. That is why the company offers an extended warranty period of ten years on the frame and drive motor, reflecting its high product quality confidence. It features SoftDrop deck folding so that you can quickly fold and shift around your place.

2. Cushioned Deck

The deck cushioning is comfortable for walking, running, or jogging because it has a unique design to reduce stress on joints by absorbing shocks with its four-cell Softrak deck cushioning system. The machine can comfortably support user weight up to 300 lbs, with the device itself weighing about 200 lbs.

3. User-friendly console interface

Every treadmill user needs fitness feedback data and easy controls to finetune his/her workouts. The Schwinn 830 Treadmill features a streamlined console, which is highly user-friendly and hence easy to use.

The console features a blue backlit LCD screen, which delivers better visibility in all light conditions. The user can track fitness goals on a high-resolution LCD screen. There are 22 pre-set exercise programs to facilitate goal-setting by customizing workout parameters. You can save up to four different user profiles.

4. Powerful Motor

The Schwinn 830 Treadmill boasts a powerful 2.75 CHP motor to power your workouts. You can adjust motorized incline levels up to 12% to increase resistance as if it is a grueling workout. You can also increase the speed from zero to twelve miles per hour to adjust your workout pace.

5. Convenience gets priority

The company has designed the treadmill by keeping user convenience in mind. You can charge your smartphone, tablet, or music player during workouts and listen to your favorite music via MP3 input.

The treadmill features in-built speakers on the console. Moreover, you get cool air with an adjustable 3-speed fan. The treadmill has an impressive media shelf to hold your devices or reading material. It even features a water bottle holder for added convenience.

Key Specifications of Schwinn 830 Treadmill

1. 72x35x58 Softdrop Deck Folding Frame

2. 2.75 Horse Power Motor

3. 4-cell deck Softrak cushioning

4. Speed: 0-12 MPH

5. Incline up to 12%

6. Max User Weight: 300 lbs.

7. Treadmill Weight: 200 lbs.

8. Console: Blue backlit LCD Screen USB Port, MP3 input, Water bottle holder, Media shelf, 3-speed fan, 22 pre-set exercise programs, four user profiles

  • Cushioned deck for comfort
  • Easy assembly with a folding frame
  • Powerful motor with motorized incline and speed adjustments
  • Streamlined console with thoughtful features and user-friendly interface: Backlit LCD, USB Port, MP3 input, Media shelf, etc.
  • An extended warranty period of 10 years on motor and frame
  • 22 pre-set programs with four user profiles
  • No app connectivity
  • Equipment mat sold separately
  • Wired device connectivity instead of Bluetooth