Becoming healthy and losing weight would be the most typical New Year’s resolutions, which is why you’re going to need a blender bottle for your protein shakes.

However, you can exploit that tendency to form customs. Let us have a favorite resolution needing to get in shape and then wander through how to do this by implementing what we know about the mind.

Fitness is your resolution. Then it would be best if you had a shaker cup. You can call it a shaker bottle, protein shaker, or blender bottle.


The principle goal of a shaker cup is always to mix-up shakes. However, they can also be used for practically any liquid or beverage out of any juice into a sports beverage to brew java or plain drinking water. The blender bottle is designed using an easy-to-hold grip, enabling it to double within an energetic lifestyle water jar. Many folks put shaker cups to use in different manners altogether, like mixing additives, marinades, and pancake batter. 


Shaker cups are all intended to be operational, but it does not mean that they must become boring. Style is every bit as important, particularly for an item that you utilize virtually daily. Most blender bottle shaker fans adopt their bottles as finishing touches, fitting them to their style perception. But there are lots of trendy protein shaker options to match your personality, including your preference.


Shaker cups can be available in lots of sizes, from extra-large shaker bottles to miniature shaker cups. The size you choose depends upon what you are doing and what you intend to mix inside, carrying the blender bottle to get a jog, tucking it in your handbag, or needing a small dose of shake. A tiny shaker cup is excellent for you if you are using it for your favorite shake or a massive shaker cup fits the tab combining a recipe with many diverse ingredients.


Shaker cups different from cups or water bottles because they feature a blending mechanism to combine the ingredients. There are numerous sorts of blending mechanics: chunk or even propeller-shaped agitators, builtin strainers, as well as self mini motors. Each blender bottle shaker cups utilizes the patented Blender Ball–the blending apparatus that revolutionized the handheld blending industry. Blender ball made from 316 surgical-grade stainless steel cuts through the thickest ingredients of protein powders, wrapped round in the jar to achieve every bit of their mix-ins and blend the most straightforward potential shake. Plus, it might remain in the bottle at the same time you beverage.


There are three top components in the protein shaker blender bottle, the jar material, the blending mechanism, and the lid. The blender bottle material not only leaves a substantial big difference visually, but it also makes a difference in the taste and temperature of one’s shake.

  • Plastic shaker cups would be the most frequent type–however, perhaps not all of plastics will be the very same. It’s vital to be sure your shaker is BPA and phthalate-free. One of the most useful food-grade material is Eastman Tritan, famous because of the extreme durability and texture and being stain and odor resistant. Most blender bottle plastic cups comprise Eastman Tritan. 
  • The insulated shaker blender bottle keeps drinks cold, which makes them an additional refreshing option on hot days or merely helping preserve freshness in case if you never drink the full shake simultaneously. The double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless that will keep the materials chilled for up to 24 hours.
  •  Glass shaker cups are still another choice. Glass is inherently stained and odor resistant, and lots of folks prefer drinking out a glass bottle. Glass shaker bottles are often encased in certain kind of protective sleeve (such as the silicone case) to prevent breakage in the event a bottle has bumped around.

1. BB Marvel Radian Stainless Steel Bottle

BB Captain America
  • Blender bottles are stain & odor resistant double-wall insulation shaker bottle.
  • The stainless steel shake cup features rock-solid insulation.
  • The carry loop of the blender bottle is detachable as per your preference.
  • Protein bottle mixer accommodates all your over-sized scoops and cleans the bottle with ease thanks to the wide-mouth design.
  • Cool blender bottle keeps your shake cold as long as you need with zero condensation on the bottle.
  • Protein shake bottle with marvel comic themes including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spiderman, Hulk, and Black Panther.
  • Hand wash recommended for this shake cup
  • 26 OZ capacity.
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2. BB Strada Insulated Steel Bottle

BB Strada
  • Easy Operation for Open & Close Mechanism.
  • Before sweating in the gym, don’t forget to add your protein shake first into your BB Strada. The perfect shape of the base allows the Blender Ball to mix every last bit of powder.
  • A friendly, carry loop provides a comfortable hold for easy transport and can also be used to lock your car keys or attach the bottle to a gym bag.
  • The insulated double-wall vacuum bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours, with zero condensation on the bottle.
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3. BB Sports Mixer Bottle

BB Sport
  • Top plastic material by Eastman Tritan used to keep the bottle fresh and smell free.
  • BPA free plastic will keep the protein shake taste refreshingly fresh.
  • It has the twist cap feature to secure the lid of the blender bottle tightly.
  • Foldaway carry loop makes it easy to hide when you don’t need it.
  • The unique textured sport grip makes it impossible to drop while shaking it or running with it.
  • Use of sports mixer bottle for perfect hydration or best companion with your protein shake.
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4. BB Radian Tritan Bottle

BB Radian Tritan
  • Blender Bottle Radian Tritan shaker bottle.
  • Blender ball wire whisk mixing even the thickest ingredients.
  • Safe BPA & Phthalate free.
  • Secure screw-on lid.
  • Wide mouth to easily add ingredients.
  • Loop to secure your key or clip the bottle to the gym bag.
  • Unique shape feature center-mounted spout.
  • Odor-resistant BPA material.
  • Wash immediately after use top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • 26 & 32 oz shake cup.
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5. BB Mantra

BB Mantra
  • Glass Protein shaker with clarity, calmness & inspiring of drinking directly from the glass supplement shaker cup.
  • Perfect for your yoga workout shaker bottle.
  • The wire whisk used in the protein shaker bottle delivers smooth and perfect protein shake with ease.
  • The silicone cover on the top and bottom of the mantra bottle keeps the glass protein shaker safe.
  • The capacity of this shake mixer cup is 20 oz.
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6. BB DC Comics

BB DC Comics
  • The officially licensed comics series of the protein shaker bottle includes different colors and logos of your superhero.
  • All your DC Comics mixer cup comes with a secured lid and a convenient flip cap.
  • Integrated carried loop for your workout cups and attached key holder while at the gym.
  • Millimeter marked shaker bottle.
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7. BB Koda Black

BB Koda
  • Best shaker bottle for a massive workout call for serious hydration.
  • Its massive 2.2 Litre capacity perfect for your daily water intake monitoring.
  • Your gym shaker is unique for carrying handle and good grip.
  • Flip cap and lid tightly secured even in case of your protein shaker blender been toss in car or gym bag.
  • Your protein shake bottle of highest quality material of BPA free and phthalate-free.
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8. BB Pro Series

BB Pro 32
  • The iconic and pro series of protein shake bottle by Blender bottle.
  • Get the smooth shake with ease thanks to the powerful blending system patented Blender Ball wire whisk.
  • Shaker bottle comes in 3 sizes 24, 28, 32 oz.
  • Protective spout guard features packed in your pro series shake cup.
  • Pro shaker bottle uses the best material plastic by Eastman Tritan for the safety of your healthy body.
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9. BB Pro Stack

BB Pro Stack
  • Ultimate shaker bottle with storage.
  • Pro stack system has compartments for storing your supplements, pills, snacks, and liquid.
  • Pro stack full of all the features of pro series blender bottles.
  • Twist and Lock technology of individual shaker cups with lids make it possible to carry separate or all in one.
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10. BB Radian Stainless Steel Bottle

BB RadianStainless
  • Shaker cup with Stainless Steel is the best-insulated shaker bottle a unique experience.
  • The cool blender bottle wall keeps your shake cold as long as you need with zero condensation on the bottle.
  • Stain & Odor resistant double-wall insulation.
  • The Shaker bottle comes with a detachable carry loop for convenience and the most secured lid on the bottle.
  • The industry-standard plastic material of BPA and Phthalate free.
  • Equipped with any sized scoops and clean the bottle with ease thanks to the wide-mouth design.
  • Stainless Steel bottle comes with rock-solid insulation, a modern center-mounted spout, a detachable carry loop, and our most secure seal to date.
  • Hand washes only.
  • Protein shaker with 26OZ capacity.
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