Total Gym GTS Comprehensive Buying Guide

Total Gym GTS is a gravity gym of professional standards. You can find the similar Total Gym featured in physical therapy clinics and health clubs, but Total Gym GTS for home use. This home gym is so versatile that you can perform more than 200 low-impact exercises for cardio health, flexibility, and strength. You can use Total Gym GTS to work against 22 different percentages of your body weight to suit any skill level.

This high-end home gym supports 200 plus exercises for different ability levels. Although it rates perfect on comfort and usefulness, the premium pricing lets you down. Unlike the shaking impact of strength training with typical metal weights, Total Gym GTS works with gravity and uses your body weight for necessary resistance. That is the most significant appeal of this home gym equipment! Moreover, it goes beyond just strength training. Total Gym GTS is a favorite all-in-one device for flexibility, cardio, and strength exercise sessions.

The main accessory for this unit is the pulley system. You can increase the range of motion for your extremities and use it for strength training by connecting the pulleys to the frame at six points. You also get accessories like a Scrunch (an abdominal trainer), a squat station, a pull-up bar, a press bar, and more. An illustrated exercise poster and several videos guide to make the most of this home gym equipment for everything from high-intensity workouts to gentle rehab routines.

Total Gym GTS offers commercial durability in the form of a premium home gym. All in all, it can work your entire body with a low impact on your joints. Please note that an entry-level Total Gym machine supports only about 60 exercises, but Total Gym GTS can support more than 200. What’s more, DVDs are there for timely guidance and an exercise chart to attach to the device frame.

Total Gym GTS is the best of the best, robust, and highest-end model to date. You can say that it is the Ferrari of home gyms. It offers the most attachments, highest weight capacity, and maximum exercise options as a top model. All in all, it is a commercial quality machine for home gym use. It offers the ultimate home gym experience to all users.

GTS stands for Gravity Training System, the highest-end model from Total Gym. Designed to endure the stress of rugged use from multiple users, you may expect it in a small gym or a therapy clinic. However, it also works well for users looking for an advanced home gym.

Salient Features of Total Gym GTS

200 Plus Workouts with DVDs

Your home gym has equipped with at least 200 workouts. The first DVD guides you with fundamentals of strength, whereas other instructional DVDs explain how to perform so many exercises. A selection of Instruction DVDs includes routines and demos that can train you for cardio health, sculpted muscles, physical rehabilitation or recovery, better range of motions, and more.

Some of the workout routines on the DVD are only six-minute-long to help users with busy schedules to fit in small workouts. The box also contains an illustrated exercise chart that you can display in your space around the home gym or secure on the Total Gym GTS itself. The chart also shows how to use Total Gym GTS accessories like weight bars, pulleys, and others.

22 Resistance Levels

You can adjust the resistance on Total Gym GTS by increasing or decreasing the base height of the glide board. Unlike other models offering only 6-12 levels, this home gym has 22 different resistance levels, giving you complete control over the workout intensities. It may come in handy for users in rehab or having achy joints. Changing the resistance level is easier than ever due to an in-built hydraulic assist system, making those adjustments a piece of cake.

Comfortable Glideboard

Your Total Gym GTS machine supports your body with a long Glideboard with a detachable footboard and headrest. Unlike glide boards of other models of Total Gym, this version is highly comfortable with extra padding. You can adjust your exercise position by setting the glide board to seven angles besides 22 calibrated resistance settings. These glide board settings and included other accessories in the package enable you to perform hundreds of exercises as follows:

  • Abdominal Crunch Tool: You can strengthen bones, improve posture, and sculpt muscles with this Scrunch tool for users of any fitness level to perform a wide variety of core moves. Its Arm pulley system adjusts to any user height and breadth.
  • Foldaway Lateral Bars: Use the foldaway lateral bars for pull-ups with soft grips.
  • Telescoping Squat Stand: It has three height settings with a handle and a broad non-skid base to withstand jumping forces.
  • Pilates Toe Bar: You can sculpt the core and legs with a pilates toe bar with 12 different exercises.
  • Press Bar: Target your upper back, shoulders, and triceps with military press style workouts with narrow and wide grips.
  • Weight Bar: This accessory can accept external weight plates to increase workout intensity (plates purchased separately).

Weight Capacity

Total Gym GTS offers a weight capacity of 650 pounds that is 200 pounds more than FIT gym. It is a considerable weight capacity for a home gym, indicating a durable and robust frame. However, please note that it includes the weight of plates that you may add to the weight bar. For instance, if the user weighs 300 pounds, he cannot put more than 350 pounds of external plates on the bar.


You can reclaim at least seven feet of floor space by folding Total Gym GTS. It has original dimensions of 38 x 107 x 69 inches (W x L x H) which reduce to 38 x 20 x 56 inches on folding.


Total Gym GTS is the only model that needs some professional assembly, unlike other Total gym models that you can use out of the box. The best part is that the professional assembly service is part of the product price.

Warranty & Guarantee

Your Total Gym GTS machine comes with a manufacturer warranty package for home use. It includes a lifetime coverage on the frame, one year on main parts, and 90 days in wear parts. However, it seems to be on the lower side for the current price point of this home gym. Besides, all users are eligible for a money-back guarantee of 30 days. If you plan to buy from Total Gym directly, you will get an extra incentive of 60 days trial.

  • Besides performing plyometric exercises, you can try more than 200 exercises for a varied whole body workout experience.
  • You can quickly fold the patented glide board seat to save floor space.
  • No questions asked money-back guarantee of 30+60 days is pretty impressive.
  • You can customize 1%-62% of your body weight to choose a perfect amount of resistance from 22 resistance levels.
  • Total Gym GTS is getting excellent customer reviews consistently.
  • Unlike traditional home gyms, it has a low impact on the frame.
  • It comes with a ton of accessories.
  • DVD and exercise guide is there to help you learn the basics.
  • The user weight capacity of this home gym is 650 pounds.
  • The company offers a professional assembly for the product.
  • The pricing of Total Gym GTS is high for average shoppers.
  • Although you can fold this home gym, it still has a large size.
  • The warranty on main parts is only for one year, and wear parts is only 90 days, indicating somewhat lackluster support.

Machine Specs of Total Gym GTS

Dimensions (inches): 107 x 38 x 69 (L x W x H); Type: Bodyweight; Height Limit: 6 feet 5 inches; User Weight Capacity: 350 pounds; Maximum Weight: 650 lbs; Supported Exercises: 200 plus; Seat Type: Glide Board (Extra Cushion); Workout types: Legs, Abs, Curls, Pulldown, Rows; Accessories: Pull Up Bar, Press Bar, Retractable Dip Bars, and Leg Pulley System; Warranty: Frame: Lifetime, Upholstery and Parts: 1 Year, Foam or Rubber (Wear Parts): 90 Days

Final Words

Total Gym GTS provides low-impact and versatile daily training for flexibility, cardio, and strength. Although cheaper Total Gym models may satisfy specific exercise needs, families and individuals prefer and rate this top-of-the-line model highly with more comfortable and practical features.

It is the most impressive home gym to date, with the highest weight capacity, most attachments, and most resistance levels. You may be in awe of what you get here, offering the ability to add more weight plates for higher intensity and a mind-boggling range of 200 exercises. Moreover, you can also use the squat stand to perform plyometric jump movements.

Asking price and short warranty seem to be the two most significant drawbacks of this product. It would have been better if the firm offered a better product warranty at this price point. It is a more advanced home gym product than earlier models of Total Gym. If you have used other Total Gym products, it is better to go up the ladder.