TrueForm Runner Treadmill Review

Are you planning to have a TrueForm treadmill? Do you want to know more about the features, benefits, and specifications before making a decision? TrueForm Runner treadmill is a non-motorized treadmill. It comes with solid construction to last long. In addition to the quality built, you can expect many other advanced features.

It is a natural running treadmill. The brand has evolved constantly to create the best possible solution for trainees. Hence, you will have many advanced features to sculpt your body without impacting your budget. The machine can increase efficiency, decrease impact stress, minimize the risk of injuries, and reduce asymmetry. After having the TrueForm treadmill in your home gym, you can burn forty-four percent more calories compared to a motorized treadmill.

Additionally, this treadmill is the quietest and smoothest curved treadmill. It enables users to practice safely without causing a lot of disturbances. Also, you can control walking, speed, running, and jogging. In brief, you will have more options and controls. All these features make it the best choice for both beginners and experienced trainees. The objective of this non-motorized treadmill is to help users to run fast.

Features of the TrueForm Runner Treadmill

If you want a simple but well-made runner treadmill to support walking, running, or sprinting, you should not look beyond this option. It has everything to top the list and get enhanced user satisfaction. You will appreciate the design, quality, and improved features. You can combine this equipment with other machines to get your dream body fast. As the size is compact, it will not take much space in your home gym. Apart from that, the price makes it easily accessible.

With this machine, you can consider long-distance running or walking. You can do an EMOM with sprints and pull-ups. You can also practice overhead carries. Also, the quality and construction of the machine are excellent. If you consider some of its competitors, you will find the frame and components plastic. However, the TrueForm treadmill will have the best quality aluminum and steel. Yes, the materials of this runner treadmill are aluminum and steel.

The materials make the product super durable and a bit heavier. You can use this treadmill for a long time with minimal maintenance. The solid build and the compact design make this treadmill a preferred choice for many.

Another thing is that you can expect a custom color. That means you can get a color that can complement your home gym and other spaces. The manufacturer offers limitless options in color. You can choose the one based on your preferences. The best thing is that you will not have to spend more on custom colors.

In addition to the custom color, you can expect custom tread. TrueForm can help its users with an artificial running track and a turf. You can also have a proprioceptive surface. Also, the turf is available in different colors. You can have it in green, purple, grey, blue, and black. When it comes to the track, you will find it only in red color.

Also, you can expect complete branding. You can get a fully customized TrueForm runner treadmill for your home, office, or gym. Yes, there will be a unique option for all types of facilities. You will have the choice to select the tread surface, color, and logo. You can imagine the outcome. In the following, we will discuss more of the features.


You can expect advanced engineering and superior quality. You will have the smoothest ride and instant response for your steps. The quality is unparalleled, and you might not expect this quality at this price from its competitors. The material of the product is 100% metal. You can expect supreme durability with axels from solid aluminum, hand-welded covers, and the highest quality and strongest treads.

 Curved Belt Surface

You cannot elevate your treadmill for the incline. Also, its curve at the belt end can help users to integrate back kicks into the running. These movements will strengthen glutes, hips, hamstrings, and your lower body. Apart from that, you can expect enhanced speed and agility. Also, the curve can help users to move their treadmills conveniently. You can drag feet towards the curve top. It can set your treadmill in motion.

Speed Range

The speed range of this treadmill is worth praising. It has responsive belt technology. That can be receptive to the input of users. Also, they will have more control over their speed while running faster. The belt will react to your movements quickly.

 Improved Performance

You will find this runner treadmill the most useful and responsive. All the credit goes to its design. The minimal curve and non-motorized features make it suitable for all types of trainees. It will offer a better experience in everything. They will notice a difference in movements, hip position, posture, balance, foot strike, and speed. They will feel suddenly when the standing position for running or walking is not optimal. Therefore, they can adjust their position fast. That will minimize the risk of any accidents. As revealed by research reports, TrueForm treadmill machines can improve the running gait. Also, they will reduce the impact stress significantly. There will be minimal chances for runners to have any injury. Moreover, the recovery will be fast. 


TrueForm runner treadmill is versatile. Yes, you can use it in your home or commercial gym. Also, it can be perfect for large-scale facilities. It can be the best companion for any aerobic training. The machine can recruit more muscles of users. Also, it can help to burn forty-four percent more calories. Even professional trainers recommend this machine for its versatility and durability. 

Motorless Design

Yes, this treadmill does not come with a motor. Hence, you will have to operate it manually. You can power your treadmill by running or walking on its belt. It will minimize the stride imbalance, and you can get the required balance and stability fast. As it will not have motors, you will not have to spend on the electricity. Also, a treadmill can last long without a motor. There will not be any scope for burnout and motor damage. All these will boost the durability of your machine. Even if the treadmill does not have motors, it features 106 bearings. All of them will support the belt. Apart from that, the belt is well-built. The material of the belt is high-quality steel. Therefore, you can expect the desired stability. Also, there will be minimal frictions.

Foot Print

This runner will run quietly. Yes, the credit goes to its motorless design. There will not be any disturbance and noise while using this treadmill. Also, the treadmill design is compact and impressive. The footprint of this treadmill is 64 x 36 x 63. That is standard, and you will find the width and height inspiring. Apart from that, the small length will ensure easy storage. Also, it can be helpful for high levels of impact. Moreover, it can support up to 400 pounds weight of the runner and 700 pounds weight of the walkers.


The display of the TrueForm treadmill is worth mentioning. It features a small screen that can enable users to track their progress. They can monitor the distance and speed. The best part about the display is its size. As it is non-intrusive, you can focus on your workouts without getting distracted by the display data. You can practice your exercises and check the data whenever needed. When it comes to the display, it features a LED display. That will show the distance metrics of users in either kilometers or miles. Also, the machine display uses a rechargeable battery.

Compact Design

The compact design makes the TrueForm treadmill the best choice for restricted spaces. This treadmill will not demand much space. However, it is sturdy enough to support your weight. Also, it can give the required stability for your running and walking. You can store this machine in your home gym. Also, you can keep it in your living room. The design is impressive and can transform the look of any room’s interior.  

Works on Muscles

As you will have to operate it manually, you can have better control over your workouts. Also, you can maximize the benefits of your exercises by self-regulating them. Apart from that, it will engage more muscle groups. Therefore, you can expect a great shape with regular practice. The machine will support natural running and engage more muscle groups that you might not expect from other conventional treadmills. You can work on your techniques and get the desired benefits.

Main Specifications

TrueForm runner treadmill has everything to support your walking and running needs. The length/width/and height dimensions of the machine are 64″ x 36″ x 63″. The running surface is 17 wide, and the unit weight is 350lb. The maximum user weight capacity is 400lb for running and 700lb for walking. The bearing frame and the frame material is formed and hand-welded seven gauge steel. Apart from that, the cover material is aluminum, and the handrails material is two formed steel.

Additionally, it has textured powder coat paint. Trueform Treadmill has more than 300 RAL color options to choose from based on your preferences. The machine belt material is polyurethane with steel radial, and a bright LED display to track the pace, distance, and speed. Besides, the manufacturer offers an extended warranty. Yes, the frame has lifetime warranty support, and components and parts will have five years of warranty support.

When it comes to bearings, there are 106 bearings. The material of the bearing is sealed steel. The pulleys can offer the best stability with the tooled solid aluminum. In the tread options, there is a rubberized running track or artificial turf. The tread surface material is the bonded Kraiburg Thermolast, and the tread lower is fiberglass reinforced nylon.



You will get many customization options with this treadmill. You can customize the color and the tread. Also, you will have more automation as you will operate the treadmill manually. You can push hard and get more benefits. You can comfortably practice some high-intensity workouts at your home.

No Messy Cables

You will have to operate the TrueForm treadmill manually. Hence you do not need to rely on electricity to use your machine. Also, the device will work quietly and save you on utility bills. You can practice workouts with your full potential without spending on monthly energy bills.


The machine is affordable and can become the best choice with a limited budget. However, it will be well-equipped to create the best possible solution for running and walking.


The TrueForm treadmill will offer the required stability and can be the best for all types of users. You will be instantly aware of unfavorable positions. You can correct fast to prevent any accident. In brief, you can safely practice all your workouts. You can start whenever you want without relying on electricity.

Easy Assembly

The assembly is easy and will not demand a lot of time and effort. Even if you are inexperienced, you can assemble the treadmill fast by following the instructions.


Lacks Electronic Features

You will miss some electronic features. You cannot set the speed. Also, you cannot share your progress with others. If you want something that comes with pre-built programs, you might not find this treadmill the most suitable one. Also, you cannot monitor your heart rate.

 Smaller Running Surface

The running surface is a bit smaller. You might not find it convenient if you have the habit of using large surfaces.

Final Words

TrueForm runner treadmill can be the best for those looking for an easy-to-use treadmill. It is well equipped and can help with customization options. Also, the cost is accessible. You will not have to spend on the motor expenses as well. You can operate it manually and get more automation. Apart from that, the machine is the quietest and smoothest. The compact size ensures easy storage. You can consider this if you are looking for the best companion for your running, jogging, and walking needs.