Review of Weider Power Tower

Weider power towers are amongst the most popular bodyweight workout stations on the market. You get a complete body workout at affordable prices by using different stations of a power tower in the comfort of your home.

It is an attractive home gym setup option due to its affordability, sturdy build, and high user weight capacity, usually 300 pounds, ideal for both pros and beginners. You can use several stations of the Weider power tower for a wide range of workouts.

A Weider power tower is a straightforward standing structure with extensions (arms) for performing different exercises. It offers total body workouts with an emphasis on abdominal and upper body muscle strength.

Weider power towers offer the following benefits:

1. Several workout stations in one

2. Gain muscles and lose bodyweight

3. Ideal for beginners and pros

4. Reduces overall time for workout sessions

5. Releases a more significant dose of anabolic hormones like testosterone and human growth hormones (HGH)

6. Develop a variety of exercises

1. Proform Carbon Power Tower

Weider Power Tower

This Weider power tower has a reinforced metal tubing to provide a robust foundation for vertical knee raises, dips, and pull-ups. It features a pull-up bar and strong foot support on the front of the machine, with elbow pads having thick padding, box-stitched back, and durable square tubes for weight training.

You may train with your bodyweight or use weight plates for additional resistance. This Weider power tower from Proform does not include the weight plates to generate different challenges, and you need to purchase them separately.

With a user weight capacity of 300 lbs based on precision engineering and rigorous testing, this Weider power tower comes with extra-wide slip-proof footrests. Bodybuilders can use an integrated dip station, a versatile pull-up station, and a push-up integrated station featuring molded hand grips. You can get an excellent upper body workout using multiple handgrips to target forearms, biceps, and lats. 

Besides, you can use the knee-raise station to activate your core muscles by raising your legs. You can use the Weider power tower to lift, pull and push your body to achieve your fitness goals. You can define your abs with the vertical knee raise station and build more muscular arms using the multi-grip pull-up station for excellent upper body strength.


Dimensions: 84 x 45 x 46 (H x W x L); Type: Weight Bench Home Gym Accessory; Maximum User Weight Limit: 300 lbs; Item Weight: 140.56 lbs, Warranty: Parts & Labour – 90 days; Assembly: Part Assembly Required

What We like:

  • The Weider power tower can accommodate a wide range of exercises and at affordable prices.
  • The Weider power tower is highly stable while in use. You do not notice any wobbling even when used by heavy users.
  • At this price point, the machine’s weight capacity of 300 pounds is relatively high. Moreover, you can increase resistance by using bands or adding weights.
  • Multiple handgrips and pull-up bar targetting upper-body workouts
  • Knee-raise station to stimulate your core muscle groups
  • Elbow pad and box-stitched back
  • Strong foot support

What we do not like:

  • It has a large footprint which prohibits it from including in many home gym setups.

2. Adidas Performance Power Tower

Weider Power Tower 2

Adidas brand is synonymous with sports and fitness products. Globally, it has earned a reputation through a new range of products for fitness enthusiasts and sportspeople.

This Weider power tower offers bodyweight training with simple compound movements to help you develop your abs, arms, back, and chest. It has a solid steel frame construction with dense foam padding, ensuring a robust steel framework with a broad base for complete stability. The thickness of thick foam padding is 2.5 inches. Moreover, the Weider power tower has rubberized slip-proof feet to get excellent stability while users are busy working out. It can support a maximum load of 297.6 pounds which is almost 300 pounds of user weight capacity at an affordable price point.

The Weider power tower has an adaptable design to expand your training potential, creating challenging workouts with different grip positions. It has a unique “SCAN TO TRAIN” feature to provide detailed training information to help users to guide them in their exercises. The Weider power tower provides you with different QR codes for several videos. All you have to do is scan a QR code, and a complete exercise video starts providing you with step-by-step procedures to explain how to do a particular workout. It implies that the scanning function is there to deliver detailed training info through QR Codes.

This Weider power tower is easy to build and features narrow and wide pull-up grips for building muscles. You get a lot of comfort with cushioned arm pads and back pads, and foldable armrests. It is a perfect home gym equipment with an affordable price tag, various bodyweight training options, and comfortable cushioning and padding.

The Weider power tower from Adidas is perfect for hardcore workouts with a particular design focus on fitness experts and sportspeople. You can perform bodyweight resistance workouts with this durable Weider power tower offering extreme steadiness. You can strengthen your arm muscles while making them flexible with wide pull-up hand positions.

Similarly, you can do better push-ups with push-up handles of the Weider power tower without causing much strain to your body. It offers an unobstructed flow of simultaneous workouts due to the unique structure of the Weider power tower. For instance, The angled frame and the ergonomic angled VKR pads of your power tower can provide steadiness along with maximum comfort while protecting your upper torso.

All in all, this Weider power tower is an innovative contemporary machine to offer weight resistance exercise, helping you to develop balance and strength with your body weight itself. Bodyweight resistance exercises require you to lift, push and pull yourself to develop overall body strength.


Dimensions (Inches): 47.6 x 45.3 x 83.9 (L x W x H); User weight capacity: 297.6 lbs; Frame: Steel with 2.5 inch thick dense foam padding; Armrests: Foldable; Back and arm pads: Cushioned; Warranty: 6 months for manufacturing defects.

What We like:

  • Use bodyweight to work out for unmatched results and develop balance and strength.
  • Comfortable dense padding with cushioned back and armrests
  • Wide and narrow pull up grips
  • Foldable armrests
  • Maximum user weight capacity of 297 lbs
  • Scan to train function
  • Rubberized non-slip feet and broad base for stability
  • Strong steel build

What we do not like:

  • Limited warranty
  • Difficult to assemble

3. Stamina X Fortress Power Tower

Weider Power Tower 1

This Weider power tower offers complete head-to-toe training using your body weight. It is a versatile power tower offering multiple workout stations, including dip bar and pull-up stations to tone your back, shoulders, and arms. Similarly, you can perform vertical knee raises with durable ab straps to engage your core fully. It also features an adjustable plyometric box to create extreme power and speed. The plyometric box is perfect for users of all heights as it adjusts from 16 to 18/ 20/ 22/ 24 inches.

This Weider power tower has all the tools you might need for a complete body workout in one piece of equipment. It is a versatile machine including Boulder Fit rock climbing handholds, ab straps, stronghold grips, adjustable plyometric box, dip bar, and a pull-up bar. It has a bold red design and a solid steel build, which is the mainstay of your home gym.

You will not find these three features in power towers commonly: Ab straps, strong grips, and Boulder Fit rock climbing handholds, and they are part of the Weider power tower from Stamina. This Weider power tower has a solid construction to allow full-body workouts like chin-ups, dips, box jumps, leg raises, push-ups, pull-ups, and more.


Dimensions (Inches): 57 x 48.5 x 85 (L x W x H); Maximum user weight capacity: 250 pounds; Item weight: 159 pounds; Warranty: Frame – 3 years, Parts – 90 days

What we like

  • Compact, freestanding power tower with multiple workout stations
  • Solid steel build with padded hand grips
  • Multiple position pull-up stations
  • Adjustable dip bars offer different height variations
  • Durable ab straps targetting core
  • Adjustable plyometric training box
  • Improves speed and power through single-leg squats, toe tabs, step-ups, and explosive box jumps

What we do not like

  • User weight capacity is Below average.
  • Assembly is difficult


Weider power towers offer simplicity and flexibility with functional features. You get a complete body workout with different stations. Unlike other fitness machines, it does not restrict you to a specific set of exercises.