Complete Home Gym X3 Bar Reviews

Here are X3 bar reviews to help you learn more about the product and make the correct decision. Dr. Jaquish developed the X3 Bar to help his mother in improving her bone density. However, it evolved as an innovative device that helped build muscles faster than traditional resistance bands or free weight systems. X3 bar reviews suggest that it can quickly achieve muscle fatigue with lower strain on your joints.

X3 bar is essentially a resistance bar wrapped in Thera-bands that can increase muscle gain at least three times faster than conventional gym equipment, using variable resistance. It implies that you perform muscle stabilization in the whole workout, thereby increasing your growth hormones. It consists of three pieces of equipment: the bar, the footplate, and four different resistance bands. When you put it all together, its unique resistance style produces quick results.

X3 bar is a training tool to help you work out at the convenience of your home. By the way, it is fully portable, and you can carry it just anywhere such as office, beach, or on travel. This home gym product offers a weight loss cum training program lasting 12 weeks. As we already mentioned, a biomedical engineer Dr. Jaquish designed it. It features heavy-duty elastic tubing and a steel bar to help the users perform a wide range of exercises to boost muscle mass, improve body strength, and increase bone density.

X3 Bar system offers ease of use and versatility to its users. It is a surprisingly simple, straightforward exercise-at-home tool consisting of resistance bands, a footplate, and a specially designed bar. You may have your reservations the first time you see it. You may very well ask that how so simple a device can ever benefit your entire body. But you quickly realize how you use the three elements together to perform just any type of exercise.

You can use the product in several ways. X3 bar reviews suggest that you watch multiple training videos that demonstrate its correct usage to get the maximum benefit out of it. For instance, the videos talk about performing repetitions using zones, helping you achieve muscle fatigue. You are supposed to move from Zone A to C systematically to achieve the desired fatigue levels. Once a zone feels strenuous, you move on to the next Zone to keep the momentum. Zone A refers to full extension with 500 pounds of resistance, whereas Zone C is closest to your body with only 100 pounds resistance. Zone B stands for half extension with a resistance of only 300 pounds.

The question is how to build muscles without spending hours in a gym every week and spending through the roof. Of course, you can use your fitness gear at home, but those gears may get too expensive, and you have to spend lots of time on actual workouts. However, the X3 bar reviews claim that it can build muscles by only spending ten minutes a day, four days a week. That’s it. Let us learn in detail how effective it is.

You may not like the X3 bar for the first time you try because most users find it awkward to use the band, twisting or separating on the back. After a while, you will get used to the concept and start liking the way it works. X3 name refers to a system that claims that you can build muscles three times faster than with free weight or standard bands.

X3 Bar Reviews: Salient Features

The Bar and The Ground Plate

A 23.5-inch stainless steel bar is the most critical component of this home gym system, with a hook design to hold the resistance bands. Moreover, ball bearings let the hooks rotate freely to provide comfort to your wrists. Similarly, the ground plate is the most significant component here. Its design makes you stand on it to perform any of the workouts. The 19 x 10-inch plate comprises high-density polyethylene material with CNC milling. Raised dots on the top surface prevents users from slipping. The resistance bands fit on a slot at the bottom.

Resistance Bands

You get four resistance bands in the package. The fitness bands include the superlight (100 pounds), lightweight (160 pounds), middleweight (240 pounds), and heavyweight (300 pounds) bands. You have to buy the elite band (500 pounds) separately. If you need more excellent resistance, you may combine these bands. Please note that the tension of every resistance band increases the more you pull or push. It is the lowest at the start and highest at the end of the movement.

Complete Body Workouts

It is a complete home gym system for full-body workouts with a ground plate supporting more than 500 pounds. Resistance bands also provide a weight tension of more than 300 pounds, with X3 elite bands providing more than 500 pounds. You can design a 12-week exercise program with the X3 bar system.

Here are some of the exercises you can do in a 12-week program. They include Standing shoulder press, Biceps curl, Bent over row, Deadlift, Front squat, Calf raise, Standing chest press, Triceps pushdown, and Standing Upright row.

Size and Appearance

X3 bar has a sleek appearance with a lightweight but sturdy body made of alloy steel. It looks similar to conventional bands but is thicker to provide more resistance. The ground plate seems pretty sturdy and sleek. Moreover, the system is not heavy or bulky, making it great for moving around from one place to the other.


Users of different fitness levels and ages can use the X3 bar system because it does not cause undue stress on your joints. The strength of latex bands helps users achieve desired results faster. The X3 latex bands are robust enough to provide 50 to 100 times more strength training than usual resistance bands.

Assembly and Maintenance

You don’t need a detailed assembly for the product. All you have to do is slip the resistance bands onto the hooks of its bar, and you are good to go. You don’t need any tools, even for the ground plate. Your feet work as anchors to keep the plate in place, making it quick to use and pretty user-friendly. Moreover, you will need standard maintenance like other traditional resistance bar systems.

Accessories to X3 Barr

You require a range of accessories to work out with the X3 bar. You will need a ground plate, an elite bar, four custom resistance bands. Please note that you have to purchase the elite band separately.

Pricing Proposition

The pricing of the X3 bar is about $500, which is not a budget price for the equipment. It offers much better resistance training with a twelve-week program for optimum results. Other similar equipment cannot match the resistance levels provided by the X3 bar. Even if you join a gym for one year, you won’t pay as much, but continual usage tilts the equation.

  • The bands of the X3 bar have stronger resistance than similar models.
  • It includes a 12-week training program that provides tips on better sleep, food prep, diets, and advanced workouts.
  • It offers demo videos for users to learn how to use the product.
  • It is a piece of portable equipment so you can work from anywhere.
  • The Ground plate and bar can withstand a high force of more than 500 pounds.
  • It features four resistance bands for different fitness levels. Moreover, the elite band provides additional resistance for intense training options.
  • Despite high resistance levels, it creates a low impact on the joints.
  • It is perfect for strength training and building muscles.
  • The user can maintain grip throughout the workout on X3 Bar.
  • It is a lightweight quality product allowing easy storage.
  • The product offers a limited warranty with several exclusions. For instance, if the resistance band develops frays, it won’t be covered.
  • The product is limited to only strength training and muscle building and nothing else.
  • You get various resistances on the bands, but it does not factor in different heights.
  • Diet ideas and meal plans do not cater to vegetarians or vegans.

X3 Bar Reviews: Machine Specs

Bar Dia: 1.25 inches; Bar Length: 21.5 inches; Bar Weight: 4 pounds; Ground Plates Dimensions: 10 x 19 inches; Ground Plate weight: 7 pounds; Box Weight: 17 pounds; Resistance Bands Dimensions: White (7/8 x 7/32 x 41) Light Grey (1 1/8 x 7/32 x 41) Dark Grey (1 13/16 x 7/32 x 41) Black (2 � x 7/32 x 41) Elite (3 3/8 x 7/32 x 41); Warranty: Ground Plate and Bar – 5 years; Resistance Bands – 1 year (Limited warranty with exclusions)

Final Words

X3 bar reviews conclude that the product surpasses the rivals in efficiency as well as quality. You can perform a wide variety of exercises to strengthen almost any part of your body. Although it is priced a little higher than similar models, X3 Bar features better quality and resistance. It is an excellent device to build strength and muscles without slogging for several hours a day in a gym.