Gorilla Bow Review 

Gorilla Bow is the perfect Home Gym equipment for users who want to exercise all their body muscles. It features industrial-grade resistance bands secured on a solid support bar to provide you with desired fitness results. With this portable home gym device, you can target specific muscle groups which may be challenging to tone outside a fitness studio.

You cannot find enough portable strength training options on the market. The available equipment choices are somewhat limited as most of them are only different forms of resistance bands, and you will get bored of them sooner or later. You need a more complex portable home gym mechanism to help you regularly switch up your workout routine. Gorilla bow review explains how this mobile home gym equipment can help with resistance bands differently.

The company has created a complete workout system around a traditional bow and arrow. The manufacturer attached a few resistance bands on a classic bow frame to discover new ways of exercising different muscle groups of your body. The basic idea was to create an easy-to-use and portable product that could strengthen the entire body. Some of you may be skeptical that the product may not be effective, but people who have tried hunting or archery equipment will understand how complicated this technique can be.

First of all, the Gorilla Bow review will list out different product features to show how this product can target your upper back while engaging other muscle groups like your core area. Besides a typical shooting pattern, you can use this piece of equipment in several different ways. You can perform triceps extensions, squats, shoulder presses, bicep curls, and more.

Gorilla Bow Review: Salient Features

Portable Lightweight Equipment

After employing several hours of product development strategies and careful research, the team came up with a home gym product that is a lightweight and portable workout device. It is a piece of ideal equipment for users looking for a robust yet lightweight technology that offers easy adjustments to suit the right level of strength to fit each user’s needs. Everyone can use this portable device to practice regular safe workout sessions, including beginners, fitness specialists, seniors, and all.

Heavy Duty Aluminium

Gorilla bow heavy-duty aluminum in one single piece. There are claws on both ends featuring two robust notches. The gorilla bow gets completed with so-called strings when you secure resistance bands supported by those notches. The notches can support a maximum of three resistance bands specially designed to help the bow for full-body workouts. You can change and combine the resistance bands to diversify the variety and intensity of exercises.

Resistance Band Training

Resistance bands provide consistent tension during your bow workouts. They help improve your strength and endurance because they involve a maximum number of muscle fiber groups in your body. You can make repetitive concentric and eccentric movements to work your muscles more effectively.

Types of Bands

You get four separate resistance bands with Gorilla Bow equipment. Every available band has a distinct level of strength and color-coding. You can perform high-frequency workouts by changing the resistance with multiple resistance bands. Your product package contains four color-coded bands as follows:

1.   The Yellow Band: It can handle a tension of up to 10 lbs.

2.   The Red Band: It can manage a strength of 20 lbs.

3.   The Blue Band: You may apply a force of up to 30 lbs on this band.

4.   The Black Band: Offers the highest tension of all the four R-bands, 50 lbs.

You get these four bands delivered with the bow. Besides these four bands, you can also purchase the following three bands to add more resistance. New resistance bands launched soon after the first four became a hit:

1.   The Royal Blue Band: It supports 32 lbs.

2.   The Orange Band: It offers 80 lbs resistance.

3.   The Gray Band: It handles up to 90 lbs resistance.

Structure and Material

As mentioned earlier, Gorilla Bow is made of a particular aircraft-grade aluminum to impart spectacular durability and strength to your equipment. Although it has a user weight capacity of 300 pounds, many users believe that it can easily handle higher power than that. Thus, you may put a lot of tension or pressure on this workout gear without worrying about its durability.

Carrying Pouch

You also get a cute carrying pouch along with the bow and four resistance bands in the box. You can carry your resistance bands in the carrying pouch and store your bow inside. The carrying pouch has a pretty big size because the bow is a tad longer. However, due to the premium fabric quality of the carrying pouch, it is very lightweight for transportation.

Workout Possibilities

Gorilla Bow mechanism lets you perform a wide variety of workouts to tone your whole body, helping you get fit while maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Many online videos are available to see examples of different exercises with this portable home gym. You can find a mention of HIIT workouts on all the online communication channels of the seller, and the specialists suggest users may perform all sorts of HIIT workouts using this device. If you prefer, you can even try high-intensity interval exercises also.

Gorilla Bow Warranty & Guarantee

The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty on the main bow structure, and all the accessories supplied, including four resistance cables. At the current price point, it is a decent perk for a home gym device. It is a significant plus point for users. If you follow the guidelines and carefully read the instruction manual, Gorilla Bow can never go wrong. However, please remember that wear and tear of resistance bands is the only problem bound to happen over time.

Besides a decent warranty of two years, you get an unbelievable money-back guarantee of three months from the date of purchase. If anything goes wrong or you are not satisfied with the product, you can return the product within three months.

Gorilla Bow: Travel Version

Both the regular model and Gorilla travel version are pretty similar. The only difference is that you can carry the travel variant around easily during travel. Unlike the original Gorilla Bow, the travel variant is collapsible and lightweight, weighing only 6 pounds. For travel, you can disassemble the travel Gorilla bow into three components. Moreover, it provides a resistance of 350 pounds which is much higher than 300 pounds of the original model made to suit the lifestyle of athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are often on the go.

Due to a tad longer size, carrying the original model is tricky, but the travel version of this home gym is portable and compact. No matter where you are, you will never miss your exercise routine. The only negative point is that it does not come with a storage bag and you have to buy it separately. Finally, it is slightly more costly than the regular model.

  • It has a sturdy and durable frame that of high-quality aircraft aluminum.
  • You get four resistance bands to try different combinations of resistance as per your requirements.
  • Gorilla Bow as a weight-lifting alternative, you can also incorporate a few aerobic movements with lightweight bands.
  • The manufacturer provides excellent customer support with their reps answering all the questions and promptly attending to clients’ needs.
  • You get a free carry pouch with the regular model to store and carry your resistance bands.
  • It has a compact and portable design. So you can quickly keep it anywhere in the house.
  • It helps you target all muscle groups for a complete body workout.
  • The money-back guarantee of Gorilla Bow is excellent.
  • You may find it challenging to take this portable home gym during flights as it does not fold. Even if you buy the travel variant, you have to buy the carry bag separately.
  • You will have to buy more resistance bands with heavier weights to perform more intensive workouts.
  • When you use a heavier resistance band, getting under the bar may get tricky sometimes.
  • Color-coded, but tensile strength not mentioned. So you have to remember which color stands for what strength.
  • The bar of the regular model is a tad longer.

Gorilla Bow Review: Machine Specs

Dimension: 56-inch length, 1.5-inch bar dia; Bow Weight: 6 Pounds; Bow Material: Aircraft Aluminium; Weight capacity: 300 pounds; Resistance Bands: 4; Band Weight: 110 pounds

Gorilla Bow Review: Final Words

Overall, Gorilla Bow Review suggests that this home gym is an excellent piece of portable equipment, allowing you to target most of the muscle groups and tone your whole body. It has a straightforward design and is practical and functional. You can transport this 6-pound device easily and use it to work out at your home, at the beaches, or almost everywhere. But please note that the regular mode does not fold. It helps you get leaner and burn calories on the go and is perfect for fitness enthusiasts wanting to exercise the entire body and achieve fitness goals.